Friday, August 19, 2011

Using her paws

Lee uses her paws like hands more than I thought a dog could or would. She usually uses them to demand love (as shown above) and she can really hold on, she is a strong girl! She also uses them for holding her kong, and playing with her babies.


  1. Barley, our adopted dog, also uses his paws like crazy! He can pull my shirt right down in public if he really wants attention from me! His paws are also so strong, that when he uses them, there is often a mark or two left behind! It's a little crazy. We are working on it..... What do you guys do to train Hailey not to use her paws so much?

    Ali (barley has a blog too!!)

  2. Thanks for the link, look forward to reading another dog blog (it is such a hobby!)

    We have not done anything to work on her using her paws. It is only a problem right now when we are playing and when she is too excited. (I guess we are working on the excited part with more exercise and training and praying as she gets older she will get better!)


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