Saturday, August 27, 2011

A message to my Lady - as told my Miss Bug

Dear Lady,

I do not like that you have gone back to work this week. While I didn't like you sitting at home crying, I liked knowing where you were and not being left home with the evil Bagheera and Nin. I was good most of the week while you were gone and communicated my unhappiness but hiding under the bed when you were home.

Then you didn't come home on Thursday. (editors note: The Lady worked out of town one night this week).  You took your bag and didn't take me. I was very upset. I talked to you on the phone, but it wasn't the same. . The man let me have access to my cave during the day and I ate 3 of your books (the man had like 7 or 8 books sitting there as well, but I wasn't mad at him) and chewed part of a nesting doll. I wanted you to know that I don't like it when you go away!

The man was angry at me when he found my big mess. You didn't get to see it because he had cleaned it up.  I was a little bit upset about this, but I was so excited to have you home that I forgot I was mad at you and I just wanted to be with you.

I am glad you were not mad at me for eating your books. I am glad you understand that it has been hard for me to adjust to being an only dog and to not having you at my beck and call. I am glad we could have the best snuggle on the couch ever last night.

I love you,

Look at that smile!
Your Hailey Bug

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