Friday, August 12, 2011

Rant: Pick up your dog's goddamn poop!

I have tried to make this blog more about the funny and sometimes tragic stories of dog ownership, but  today I have to rant.

Yesterday at the dog park we watched a dog poop about 50 feet from her owner. My husband commented to the owner about her poop style (as she sort of ran while pooping and it was amusing). The owner said something like "she always does that" and did nothing to pick it up. It was in the middle of the field where someone could step in it. I wanted to scream at him "Pick up the f**king sh@t you lazy b*stard" but instead said nothing, and didn't even pick it up myself (I will often do that while out). I have noticed an increasing amount of poop around the neighbourhood and at the park, and clearly it is urking me off!

I just can't understand why a dog owner wouldn't pick it up. Do what you want in your backyard, but at a public shared space show some goddamn respect! It is not like I get up in the morning and say "great today I am going to get to pick up poop and probably scoop cat litter, how exciting" but I know doing it is a part of responsible pet ownership.  It is not like it is a particularly challenging thing to do either.

I will admit that if my dog(s) have gone in the bush or the like I may be guilting of not picking it up, but when they go in plain sight or clearly in a public space I will pick it up for sure (even if no one is watching).

Here is a funny story (instead of my rant). Many years ago when we still had our little Loki we were out on a walk. I can't remember the exact circumstances (if he had already gone or if we had forgotten a bag or what), but he pooped and we were without a bag. We didn't want to leave it on the boulevard, so we were brainstorming something to do. Near the poop was a discarded Timmie's cup and somehow we got the poop in the cup. Really we were doing a service to the community picking up both our poop and someone else's litter.


  1. Amen sister!

    I stepped in dog poo a couple of days ago while wearing my flip flops. And of course it wasn't the sun dried poo, it was the a-dog-just-pooed poo, so all warm and squishy. And of COURSE I stepped on it with the side of my sandal so it bubble up and got on the side of my foot. Now, I don't mind stepping in dog poo in my backyard. It's not super pleasant, but it's my dog's poo, so it's dealable. But another random strange dog? Super gross.

    This is probably why dogs get purposely poisoned, though. So many dog owners are jack*sses.

  2. Awww, that is gross! People just pick it up!
    Why is it different if it is your dogs? Maybe because it is your fault it is still on the ground?


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