Monday, August 1, 2011

In memory of Gemini

Gemini – March 10, 2005 to August 1, 2011

With heavy hearts we share the devastating news of the death of our beloved Princess Gemini Cricket. Her death was due to injuries that resulted from a tragic accident.

Gemini was an appropriate name for our girl, she was truly a contradiction. One minute she might be snubbing you for some small oversight and the next minute demand attention from you. She may demand treats and then refuse to eat them. She never wanted to be left out, and worked hard to keep up with other dogs, but always at her own pace and on her terms. In a split second she could move from being the gentlest soul in the world, to violently humping one of the cats. She preferred humans to other dogs, but was not herself as an only dog. She needed someone to rule over!

She had many bad habits – she was a poo eater and she would not settle until she had successfully nipped members of her pack when they arrived home or to visit. She suffered an anxiety disorder that meant she never would wander far, but also meant at various times she ate the wall, developed obsessive drinking and peeing that ruined the carpets, and often hid from non-pack members in her house. Most of the time it just manifested itself in her wanting the dog toys piled in a particular way.

We would like her to be remembered as a sweet demanding princess who was happiest running free, getting pets (especially if she got them over other dogs) or laying in a sunbeam.

We would like to take this time to send a heartfelt thanks to the staff at the Ottawa Veterinarian Hospital who worked tirelessly to save our princess. Knowing that such loving people were keeping our girl comfortable made this very difficult time a little easier.

Gemi, if there is a puppy heaven, we hope you are taking Loki’s toys from him and putting them in a pile.

Kristen, Drew, Hailey, Bagheera and Cinder

Please note there probably won't be much blogging for a few days as our pack mourns the loss of our princess. 

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  1. Oh my god, I'm so so sorry. Words can't even express how awful I feel for you guys. I've only e-known Gemi for a few short months but I've loved reading about her and Hailey's (mis)adventures.

    Take care ok?


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