Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you remember me?

Yesterday was a BBQ for the rescue that saved Hailey Bug, Catahoula rescue (again, we don't think she is Catahoula, how she got to this rescue is a long story).

Exhausted pup on the way home!
Lee was not herself yesterday. She was more stressed in the car than usual. She got out of her harness in the car. When we got there the first person we saw was her foster mom and one of her foster brothers. She was thrilled to see the foster brother.  She clearly remembered him. She was very avoidant with her foster mom and the head of the rescue. We wonder if she did remember then but was scared that they may take her away. She was more interested in smelling the ground than the people or other dogs. She seemed stress overall.  She was completely exhausted after the adventure (which was great for us!). It could also be that she is not use to going to things like this solo.

At any rate the rescue people couldn't believe how great she looked and how she seemed calmer (which is relative, but for a understanding of how she is much calmer now, read early blog posts). They were also very happy that in spite of everything (again read the blog) we still loved our LeeLee Bug. (Apparently we are crazy!).

It was nice to see some of the wonderful people who helped bring our little devil into our life. They were the amazing people at the end of the rescue chain. Our heartfelt thanks to them, and the people at the beginning of the chain in Ohio who saved her, and all of the people in between who were involved with saving her.

Dog rescue folks are a special breed of people - members of the angel breed:)

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  1. Catahoula is great - especially Gloria :] She's the one who got in touch with Hopeful Hearts to see if could take Ella.


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