Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Trouble On A Tuesday - This and That

First trouble was last week in the snowstorm when our power was stolen for 53 hours. Last April it was 102 hours, so I guess we should be grateful it was taken for less time this year. We were happy it was also warmer because the house stayed between 16-18C/low 60F.

Being stressed in Lady's office when we were running on generator

Lady says the second mischief belongs to humanity and the craziness around the eclipse yesterday. She says shame on the media for making people terrified of it. One should NEVER look directly at the sun, with or without the moon in front of it. That is not safe, ever. Many of places she works were closed (one because it was on the peak path and the number of people expected to be out had them declaring a state of emergency). It is just ridiculous. Lady remembers some time in the 80s, walking home from school alone, during an eclipse (this puts her aged 5-9). People said, don't look at the sun, she didn't, she lived.

At any rate, the hype made Lady want to check it out. The Man had no interest and went to work in the office, but because most of her client work was cancelled, Lady was home. She took her approved glasses out and went over and shared them with Callie's people. We were at 97.8% coverage. It didn't get too dark, but did get very chilly. She was happy to share this with them and try out their eclipse boxes. 

Taken by one of Callie's kids, through the glasses

We do think the best eclipse was the one the Big Guy made (and ate).


  1. I am one of the few who cared not one whit about the eclipse and think all the hullabaloo is just that. now the Oreo eclipse is my kind of story, be right there

  2. Tell the man it was very 'sweet' of him to demonstarte the eclipse....
    Things were fairly positive here regarding the viewing. We watched on the TVees as it traveled
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. We also like the idea of the man's eclipse! We saw last years eclipse here, and have only seen pictures of yesterday's.

  4. We're sorry to hear about the power outage and hope it doesn't happen again. You saw more of the eclipse than we did even though we were in the path of totality. We had thick cloud cover, but it was weird to have it go almost completely dark for a few minutes in the middle of the day. Our parents took us outside during it and we noticed all the birds go quiet and the spring peepers started making noise. The only bad part was some nasty neighbors thought it was a good idea to shoot fireworks during the darkness and that made Millie nervous.

  5. Absolutely love Big Guy's eclipse!!

  6. It's never fun to lose your power when it's cold out. Love the Big Guy's eclipse!

  7. Before there was news on television a lot of people must have gone blind looking into the sun during a eclipse.

  8. We got to see the eclipse at about 99.7%. It was pretty cool to see. But the Lady is right…there was lots of craziness going on regarding it. Glad your power wasn’t out for long.


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