Friday, April 12, 2024

Nature Friday - Solo Adventure - by Lee

 Dear pals,

On Easter weekend I got to go on a solo adventure with my people. Phod was asleep in the closet and didn't know we had gone until we came back and I smelt a little funny. Lady has some guilt about leaving him, but the reality is, the old pup doesn't have the stamina he once did and would not have been able to hike like I did.

It started with a car ride to a place I had never been. 

It was less than 15 minutes to the Denholm Falls Park. Lady had just discovered this even existed last fall and had been waiting to go. We looked at the map of all the trails and then headed out. 

The first stop, a very short way from the start, was the falls. Callie's people had said it wasn't that impressive, but I thought with the snow run off it looked pretty good!

Then the hike really began. It was a very steep hike up a mountain in places. The leaves hid loose rocks and sticks and roots so one had to be careful with one's footing. We saw a few people (you can see over Man's shoulder) and I even met one dog on the path. 

How did Lady get in front of me?

The view from the top was stunning!

If you look at the rocks I am standing on, you can see the marks left by glaciers 10 000 years aog. 

It was decided not to do the full hike up the back side of the mountain as Lady and Man didn't know how steep it was or how much I could do. They are blaming it on me and my old self, but I think they say that because it is nicer than saying how out of shape they are. So we began the step decent down. Lady said she would take walking poles next time she went. 

Proof Lady was with us

Overall, the hour and a half or so we spent hiking was lovely. I had a good time and really enjoyed this solo adventure. I heard hints that I may get a similar opportunity in the future, as it is clear I still have some hike left in me!

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event and letting me share a new part of the hills with you.

your pal, the hiker, Lee


  1. Good for you, Miss Lee, taking that challenging hike ... rocks and slippery leaves are not that easy to traverse, you did well! (we'll reserve commenting on your hu-mans out of politeness ... tee-hee)

  2. WOW Lee what a gorgeous day for a hike you had too. Look at you go girlfriend
    BOL BOL I agree Man and Lady were just thinking of you when the decided not to go higher.
    BOL BOL That is their story and they are sticking to it

  3. If I were there, we could have stayed with old man Phod, because we are old, or maybe gone with you and you could stay with me at the car while the fit ones hiked further. a beautiful place to hike

  4. What a fun adventure Lady and Man took you on, Hailey. We hope you get to do lots more in the future.

  5. What a great hike Hailey. So pretty and the falls were awesome.
    We bet it was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air!
    Rosy & Sunny

  6. Hi Lee,
    What a lovely walk. So great to hear that there's plenty of hiking kilometres left in those four fine legs!

  7. Hari Om
    I love that slightly pensive, but very expectant look you wear in the back seat, Lee dear... and am so glad that you enjoyed this hiking business and will get more! Being among the trees and hills and all parts of nature is just so......... wonderfurs! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. I thank you for sharing your exciting adventure. The pictures are fantastic.

  9. What a beautiful hike you had, Hailey, and I hope you have more of them!

  10. Lee you must remember the humans need a break too. Save up some of their energy for next time.

  11. What a marvelous hike you had, Lee!!! And we bet Phod enjoyed hearing all about it. Lightning would have preferred to be home too. Please give him a snooter smoocher from us.

    Woos - Misty and Timber


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