Friday, December 2, 2022

Nature Friday - Turkey Time

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting this hop.

With Christmas coming, we think these birds may be better off heading somewhere else! However, they are loving our yard and we love sniffing after them.

Did you know you can call a group of wild turkeys a flock, a rafter or a gaggle?


  1. that is what they call street food, right?

  2. ha ha on street food, leave it to the wiems. gaggle is good for me, i am not fond of turkey gobblers or roosters of the chicken clan since I have been attacked by one of each... just so you know the gobblers can be MEAN

  3. You sure have lots of turkeys around your house.

  4. Maybe those turkeys think there is safety in numbers. We hope they are right...
    Did you know that Gail's nickname in junior school was 'Gaggles'? No idea why.

  5. Oh boy...why do they always choose the holidays to stop by BOL!

  6. Crazy is what a group of turkeys are called hanging out in your yard.
    Hugs and hope the Man and Lady are 100% well

  7. It's pretty amazing to have a bunch of turkeys hanging around in your yard like that. I bet they leave behind a mess, though.

  8. I believe it a flock of turkey. There quite a few wild turkey here in my area.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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