Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Traitor Tuesday - Not Again - By Lee

Dear pals,

Last Friday, Lady came home again smelling like a barn. I checked her phone and found pictures her client took, clearly showing she had been to the barn again. Why she wants to go spend time with farm animals when she has us, I don't know.

She assures me she has no plans to visit the Experimental Farm again, but I don't think I trust her.

A disgruntled Lee


  1. oh ... now you have to act, right?

  2. you should be safe from the farm animals Lee, it looks to me like she is Giving The Elbow to the Calves. ha ha...

  3. We can't believe your Lady would rather spend a day with farm animals instead of spending it with you, Hailey.

  4. Lee I think you need to order a device for lady that sounds an alarm anytime she goes near other critters.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. We don't know WHAT she was thinking....but I think she was telling the truth Lee, I don't think she'll go back.

  6. I'm, er, just wondering if Lady happened to bring home some sheep poop on her shoes. I'd recommend giving them a check Lee. It can be yummy...

  7. I think you should trust her, Hailey. She loves you best!

  8. I am certain her work made her take that trip; otherwise, I know she'd rather be with YOU!

  9. My ghostwriter used to see other animals who would visit the nursing home where she worked, namely a kitty cat named Sammy, and a little doggie named Henry. But since the rotten no-good terrible awful dreadful covid virus, they haven't been able to visit for a long time. Now the restrictions are easing up and a few pets are able to visit. A couple weeks ago, there was a Maine coon kitten. (I would visit too if I wasn't so stressed out during car rides.) Maybe you can tag along on her next visit to those farm animals.


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