Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Birthday Hike

Lady asked for a birthday hike and we were more than happy to oblige her!

We hopped in the car, sniffing our way there! 

We were concerned it could be the vet we were going to.

We were excited to see a dogs welcomed sign!

We looked at the map to think about where we wanted to go. Lady is now old, so maybe we should stick to the green 'easy' trails. 

We were at Nakkertok - a park about 10 minutes from our house for hiking,  cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Lady and Man hiked here in the winter but we had never been. 

We waited patiently near the entrance as Lady dropped our poops in the garbage (at least we got them out before we got on the trails!)

A hiking we went!

Always remember to look up friends!

So much to sniff!

Pause for a picture

Stop with the pictures, let's go!

Lady couldn't always keep up!

Stream water!

This had us alarmed! It was before a very, very steep hill!

 Not a bad walk for a bunch of oldies! It was very mucky in places and steep in places and we pulled a lot! There were no other people around (in spite seeing a few cars in the parking lot), the bugs weren't bad and there was so much to sniff! We hope to get to go back soon! 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh that was supery-dupery - I loved all that lush canopy and could sense your excitement at all the sniffings! Lucky Lady to have your company on that beautifurs hike... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. There must have been a lot of hills! Happy Birthday!

  3. A hike was a wonderful choice for Lady's birthday and what a beautiful hike it was! We love the portrait of Lady and her two favorite pups♥

  4. 'Lady is old'. cracked me up. You two might not get any pancakes this weekend
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. A birthday hike is the best idea!

  6. That reminds us of where we used to go on vacation every year. Glad you all had a fun time!

  7. Happy Birthday. What a beautiful place for a walk.

  8. What a nice two were so patient as you had your pictures taken!!
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

  9. That looks like a great place for a hike. We hope you get to go back and check out all the trails.

  10. Hurray for a hike! Happy birthday to your Lady!

  11. What a fun day! I am happy you all went along together. And also happy the bugs were not attacking.

    Love and licks and happy birthday, Lady!

  12. What a great way to celebrate the Lady's birthday!

  13. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Well done.

  14. Happy Lady Birthday, what a great way to spend it!!!


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