Monday, January 17, 2022

Mischief Monday - It Was Even Too Cold For The Electricity - by Phod

 Dear pals,

It has been very, very cold here. It has been between like -25 and -40C (for our American friends that is -13 to -40 F). Our time outside has been limited. We will not walk Lady when it is below -20C/-4F. It just isn't safe for her.

One day last week, on a day Lady was working at home, it was so cold the power must have been shivering. In a 30 minute period, it went out and came back on 87 million times. Lady is saying it was like 4, but I don't think she can really count.

I am a very brave boy, but I do not like when the power goes out. I don't like the silence and I don't like all the beeps when it comes back on. Hailey also doesn't like the power being out. 

This is what happened in Lady's office during this time:

Lee, who needs to destroy when she is scared, found a plastic bag in Lady's office garbage and destroyed it. 

Am I going to be in trouble or what?

Lady just lets her destroy things like this and has been known to bait the garbage because she says it is much better than doing things like going through the wall.

I really focused on making sure Lady was safe. 

She says it looks like I was hiding under the desk. I think it was just the best angle to monitor her.

Lady said we were being ridiculous and very distracting while she tried to work. She also says that once the power was back and stayed on, I did not need to pace and pant and carrying on for more than an hour.  I think she is under appreciating my concern for our well being. 

If you are reading this on Monday, it is going to be warm (-6C/21F) but we are suppose to be getting a lot of snow (25-35 cm or 9-14 inches). We will report on this on Friday!

A sort of brave Phod


  1. that is a new trend... shred-cycling ;O)

  2. That is incredibly cold weather; no wonder walks are limited. Best wishes for getting through this spell with heat. Here is SE USA, we had six inches of snow and most of the roads are impassable, although at its coldest it was only 22 degrees.

  3. i am so sorry you were afraid, and happy that your mama understands and baits that basket for you.. i might tear things up if the power went off 87 times. i like easy's shred-cycling. good idea. enjoy your warm front

  4. Oh my goodness, you guys are all SO BRAVE! WE can't even imagine weather that cold...

  5. Hari Om
    Crikey, Phod, when will it will be appawshiated that power outages require full and proper patrolling??! You did good my dear furiend... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Lady might need a refresher course in counting I'm 100% positive 87 times was correct.
    It is good she has you two to keep her from walking in the frozen tundra.
    Speaking of power yesterday we had snow, sleet,freezing rain and regular rain. I'm thankful to report the power stayed on. Today we have very blustery wind. I hope it will not mess with the power
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. It's no good when the power goes off, especially in the winter. Your pawrents are lucky to have you around to keep them safe. We've already gotten about 8 inches of snow and it's supposed to keep coming down for many hours. The weather peeps say we could get up to 18 inches of snow!

  8. There is nothing worse than losing your power when it's beyond cold outside. We think you guys handled it very well!

  9. Lady is very lucky to have you there to protect her and keep her safe. That is VERY cold. Our Mom won't walk in the bitter cold either OR if there is a trace of ice on the walkways. But we managed to get her out today and it wasn't too bad. Stay safe and warm.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Wow! That is cold! I'm sorry you're losing power like that. I sure hope it warms least a little. ~Ernie

  11. We hate silence and the dark, too, frens. Losing power is not OK. Hiding is always a good idea for me. I'm too short to reach the trashcan, otherwise I'd be right in there, like Lee.

    Love and licks,

  12. Gosh, talk about extreme temps. I'll stop whinging on about the days when the low was 17F after days and days highs being in 58-63F. Stay safe and cozy.

  13. WoW! That's cold! We worry about our power and our house when it gets cold. We do have gas heat, but the blower runs on electricity and we don't have a fireplace. Stay warm guys!


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