Friday, January 28, 2022

FFF Nature Friday - Too Cold!

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting the Nature hop and thanks to Aunty-Yam for hosting Final Fiction Friday (FF)

As we have mentioned, it has been too cold here. Lady documented the end of the cold snap last week. Saturday morning.

These screen shots of the weather (first in C, second in F) were taken about 30 minutes after we had been out for about 3 minutes).

Maybe if I rub my face my feet won't feel so bad!


Lady loves these trees

Morning moon

Going quick as it is cold!

No matter how cold, he always rubs his ears, face and makes snow angels!

Now to our FFF portion:

It's too cold for me.
I prefer being snug and warm.
Wake me in the spring. 


  1. we are with Professor Lee... the sofa is the place to be...

  2. Hari Om
    BOL - yeah, I kinda know the feeling, Lee! This was a wonderfurs post and even the pictures for NF told a story leading beautifursly into FFF... stay warm you lot!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. I think there are 52 days til spring. Will we be doing a guesstimate on when your snow melts this year.
    Phod did your nose get frost bite? I'm in total shock at the sub sub sub freezing temperatures. My 29 feels balmy now
    Hugs cecilia

  4. ha ha, love you story, short and sweet and COLD.. you look adorable. now about the angel in the snow Phod, your nose in you paw rubbing your ears in the snow made me laugh loudly. love it. your snow is making me feel cold and your temps are blowing my mind. we have been moaning about our cold snap which to you would be summer temps I think. today was 57 F at wake up and we are now ranting about tomorrow being down in the 40's.. we are glad we are not in the NE of USA which is expecting a cyclon snow bomb in the near future. Lee you are where i would be if I was where you are

  5. Reading this, I am so very grateful that we don't experience such cold temperatures here in Aberdeen, as poor Bertie takes a very, very long time to empty his bladder these days and I don't think either he or I could bear standing around for that long in minus 30 something Centigrade.
    Keep safe and warm.
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. Cold, but pretty...and a good place to live (if cold)! I enjoyed a winter in Montreal, years ago. Frankly, I wish we lived in the vicinity now.

  7. You are quite the trooper, Phod, washing your face and making snow angels in those sub-zero temps! I agree with you, Hailey, plus I have to because mom won't let me stay out in those too cold temps.

  8. We thought we were having cold weather, but it doesn't compare to what you've had to endure. Hailey has the right idea to stay snuggled and warm until spring.

  9. Oh my goodness, that is COLD!!!!! Huddle by the fire, Lee and Phod!

  10. Yikes! It was cold and snowy but has now warmed up to 60F today! My neck is getting whiplash going back and forth with the warm/chilly days here.

  11. And I thought it was cold here when it was O degrees F. You got us beat!

  12. Now that cold.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  13. Brrr! We are so glad that we don't often get that cold, though we were at the beginning of January. Cinnamon lasts only about5 minutes when it is that cold. You guys did well! We are so glad that Imboloc (St Brigid's Day) is Wednesday, and we can start looking for spring!


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