Monday, January 3, 2022

Mischief Monday - Back At The Beginning

Happy New Year! 

Wake me when it is over!

It is a new year, but we feel like we are back where we started in 2021. We are locked down again.  Covid cases surge to the highest numbers yet.  It is really a mess. You would think after 658 days we would be better at this! 

In the province we live in, Quebec, lockdown means: Curfew from 10-5 (work and emergency only reasons to be off your property), closing of all non-essential businesses, no theatres,  no eat in restaurants, no indoor sports etc. Schools are closed until at least January 17.  No inside visits to friends/family. 

Now it is confusing for our peeps because Lady works in Ontario. So far their new measures, delaying school until Wednesday the 5th at the time of this writing (it may have changed or change yet), means the centre she works at is closed 2 extra days. She will be working at home online. 

For Man, who is working at home forever most likely, this has a minimal impact on this life. 

Lady finds herself laughing that in November she was thinking about the endemic (a word she only just learned about then) and now here she is thinking about lockdown and wondering if the entire 20s will  be dreadful. 

We are trying to be optimistic about this year, but it is hard. We do have some things to look forward to this month. 

Hailey will turn 12 on January 13. 

Celebrating me will be the highlight of the month for sure!

Lady and Man will get dose 3 -which Lady read is still one dose less than the new recommendations (so perhaps dose 4 is something to look forward to!)

We do hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, holiday and you are healthy. We promise not to be too depressing with the state of our world! 


  1. it seems endemic is as far away from us than the moon... we wait for the new rules too.... hugs to you all

  2. Hari OM
    Aw, you doggles look pooped after all the festivations (and COVIDations)... but a word to Lady... there will now be no end to 'boosters' because the whole ad vitam (that's raison d'etre to you) of any virus is to adapt and survive... and this is the reality we as a species must now adapt to. hey ho and onward! &*} Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Hi Hailey, Hi Phod, you both look comfy and a tad sad.. so sorry about the lockdown. here in Florida we have a total idiot for a governor and he has declared everybody do what they want to, we have millions of winter visitors fleeing the ice and snow to our sunny climate.. we have locked our selves down except food buying and doc visits. Hailey you don't look your age.. even when we were locked down in 2020, there was no curfew.

  4. Yup. 659 here, although our hibernation is self-imposed (and, fortunately, we both worked from home prior), given that we currently live in a state that is neanderthal in its thinking. Glad to hear there is someone (Lee) to celebrate this month, plus my Ontario family gets their third jabs on Wednesday!

  5. Lockdown is sure no fun. Hopefully, you and Phod are planning your pawty, which isn't too far away, Hailey!

  6. It's all very confusing isn't it...

  7. I am so sorry that you are locked down again. Whatta way to start the year. But I'm glad you all are healthy, and that you have something to look forward to, Hailey's birthday, a true day to celebrate! ❤

  8. Our parents wish this country would go into lock down but it will never happen again here. It's quite upsetting to watch all the sports events, especially indoor ones, where everyone is unmasked and cheering their heads off. At least our state has instituted mandatory masking indoors but there are still mask-holes that refuse to wear them and stores aren't forcing compliance for fear that their employees will be assaulted. Luckily at most of the stores in our town the mask compliance is at about 95% but it only takes one infected person to cause trouble.

    Okay...enough of the soap box talk...we do hope 2022 will end on a better note and we have our paws crossed that it does. Happy New Year!

  9. Crazy times. We went from a positivity rate of 12.6% last Thursday to 22.8% today!!! And to think it was under 5% only a month ago!!! When will it end?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. What a couple of years we all over world been though.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  11. Momma is beyond sick of all of this. Of course, she wuz from da beginning.

  12. It's the same here but no lockdowns. People still going on with their business. Sometimes it feels like it will never get better...but it has to.

  13. If people would just exercise good sense, maybe, just maybe we could get through this. But because they are impatient or suffering from panDAMNic fatigue, these cycles are bound to repeat themselves. Sorry your province is back on lockdown. It's maddening. People in Denver act like nothing is going on and whine because the state's positive cases has gone up 250% over the past couple of weeks. 😳 *Sigh


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