Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This and That Tuesday - Your Questions Answered

 Last week we shared this picture on the trail cam:

People asked what that 'sword of light' was. That is snow falling in front of a flash!

We were also asked about the most interesting animal we have caught on the camera. So far we have pictures of us, birds, cats and deer. We have not captured any other wildlife around here. We could see fox, porcupines, raccoons, skunks, ground hogs, coyotes and wolves (although we rarely see their tracks so close to the house). There have also been bear and moose spotted around us, but we haven't seen signs of either. Talking ti the neighbour on New Year's Day, he confirmed seeing a wolf not far from our house. We will have to be caredul on our walks. 

The camera is currently sitting in the house. Lady is going to take it out with her when she goes snowshoeing soon, so she can see the deer tracks and set it up accordingly.  Who knows what we may capture next!

Now here is a new picture of Phod - taken after the second big snowfall of the year and the first in winter (all the snow melted with all the rain and warm temperatures on Christmas). 


  1. So special to have a wildlife cam, one never knows what might be captured ...
    Hi Phod!

  2. we want such a cam too. although we don't have wildlife here :O)

  3. Hari OM
    Well it was a grand effect created by nature! Here's to many more great and natural shots... Phod, you look worried - was Lady not moving quick enough??? Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Ohhh I thought Phod had super powers when I saw it...great shot though and even greater that Lady knew what it was. Yikes a wolf would not be something anyone needs to encounter on the trail.
    I suspect it would not bother you but I bet the pups would holler at it.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. i would like to try a cam in our fenced back yard, we have seen with our eyes, raccoon, possumn, squirrels, birds and twice ducks. we know they wander in the yard at night because the dogs follow the track each morning. my second viewing of the sword photo, Phod looks like a ghost dog. I did not notice that the first time, i was focused on the light sword..

  6. You two are lucky to have some snow to play in. We are way behind our normal snow total for this time of year and our yard is mostly mud. We can't wait to see what you capture with the new location of the cam.

  7. Phod, you have such a handsome face.
    But do beware of that wolf.

  8. Don't look so worried, Phod. More snow will fall again for you before too long, I betcha☺

  9. We love seeing what your camera captures. We hope you spot some more wildlife. Phod, enjoy that snow. Ours is almost all gone:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Thanks for the snow pictures. We still have NO snow! But my ghostwriter says that's OK as long as she has to drive home from work along country roads after 11:30pm. But sooner or later, IT WILL ARRIVE!

  11. That camera sure picks up interesting things!


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