Monday, January 18, 2021

Mischief Monday - Cone and Covid

First, Phod would like to report mistreatment because he has had to have some cone time over the past few days. Seems his ears are bugging him and he won't stop scratching them (which is making them worse). So for periods of the day he is having cone time.

Second, we thought we would give a little Covid update. We live in the province of Quebec. The numbers here are not good. We are in a lockdown. This means only essential businesses (gas, pharmacy, food) will allow you in the store. Other businesses can do curbside pick up. Everything but gas and pharmacy have to be closed by 7:30. It is now illegal to be outside your house (with some exceptions) from 8pm to 5 am. You are allowed to take your dog for a walk, but not your husband pretending to be a dog (click HERE if you haven't heard this story). The children are still going to school.  

Now I, the Lady, work in our neighbouring province Ontario. They have no curfew, but non-essential businesses are only doing curbside pick up as well. The kids are all doing online learning (no going to school). In March of 2020 when we had the first lockdown, my work was not deemed essential. However, it has since been made essential, so she can see her clients. While part of Lady would like to have a vacation, it is in the best interest of her clients to continue to access services. Autism treatment is really healthcare. So approximately 2 days a week I go and see people (I am doing a combination of telehealth and in person).

As for the vaccine, the roll out is going slow here in Canada. The belle province of Quebec is giving the 2 doses 90 days apart (which goes against all the science and has me frustrated). I expect I will have access to it maybe by the summer. I suspect the Man, given that he can work from home forever, will be one of the last people eligible. We will both go when it is our turn. 

It occurred to me this morning that the worldwide deaths of about 2 million so far, would be like 2 of Ottawa (our nearest city) disappearing. It made me sad. Stay safe and healthy dear friends!


  1. we hope with new meds from oderna and the nasal spray from laboratoire pasteur we maybe can win a big part of the fight agains the evil virus.... hugs to you Phod, we hope the cone time is not for long...

  2. The number of deaths is staggering, and extremely sad. I truly hope people are not getting inured to that fact.

  3. Hari OM
    Aw Phoddy - that really does not look like fun... but then neither is the debacle that is COVID... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Oh Phod, so sorry about your ears.. that cone is horrid... feel better soon. I am sure you know USA is the winner world wide of the most deaths and spreading like a wild fire. we are seeingnow the explosion from the holidays, in our town, there are 22,000 of us older than 65, we are first but THEY are only doing 500 every 5 days, we are in a LOTTERY. we all registered for the shot, they pick randomly and call and make an appointment for us. chaos reigns in the USA from C-19 and our deadly politics

  5. You're right about the C19 mess. Different rules everywhere you look!

    Sorry to hear about Phod's ear problems.

  6. Feel better soon Phod. No fun being under the weather.
    I'm in Florida and it's no better here. COVID 19 is taking way too many lives. We've lost a few friends to it and it breaks our hearts. Some shots are being given but not too many yet. We're on a waiting list.

  7. If it's any consolation, it's s-l-o-w going in the States too. Difference rules for different states and provinces makes it even more challenging. We hope Phod starts to feel better soon and ditches that darn cone. They say it gets HBO but we think they're trying to pull our paws.
    Your US fur-iends,
    Norman & Elsa 🐾

  8. Phod I'm so sorry about your ears. Itching anywhere is the worst especially. I hope your ears feel better very soon.
    Gosh Lady all I have heard and read says vaccines should be 3 weeks apart. Bryan got his this morning very efficient facility quick in and out. They scheduled his next appt. for Feb 8 at 9:30 am.
    I am in my doctor's queue once they finish with the 75 and over patients, I'll be notified when and where to go for my shot.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Too bad about that cone Phod. We hope your ears stop feeling itchy soon.
    Interesting to hear what's happening about Covid in other parts of the world. It must be so difficult for parents of school age children everywhere, with all the different (and, in the UK, ever changing) rules about school closures etc.

  10. We are so sorry to hear about your ears and the wearing of the cone, Phod. We hope you feel better soon. The COVID business is just so sad. Stay safe!

  11. We hope Phod's ears improve. Poor guy. Our numbers aren't great either, but nothing seems to be changing. Our rules are nowhere near as strict as yours. The peeps are in the 2nd round of Tier 1 for vaccines, but based on how things have been going so far, the earliest they are likely to get the first shot is late February or early March.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. We're sorry to hear your ears are bothering you, Phod. This covid stuff has all of us frustrated. The vaccine roll out isn't going very well here either. There is hope that the new administration can help get things rolling.

  13. Oh Phod! We feel for you. The cone of shame is no fun! We all got ear mites last spring and could not got to the vet and we ALL had to wear cones! Us cats all complained piteously! Here in BC we have an online app where we can check and see when we get the vaccine. Even though I am a senior in a high risk group, I wont get it until August! Funnily enough my son (24 years younger and healthy) is eligible at the same time. A friend who is exactly the same age as me and lives a mile south (in Washington), had her second dose early last week.

  14. Oh, please don't scratch your ears. 90 days apart of shot, mine will be 4 weeks.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  15. The whole Covid thing is sad and scary. That said, the cone is also sad and scary. I hope your ears are feeling better soon, P. Mom has an appointment scheduled for the end of the month to get her first of the 2 vaccine shots. Paws crossed that they don't run out of medicine by then. That happens a lot around here - even when people have appointments!

    Love and licks,


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