Thursday, July 25, 2013

Worst Day of My New Life - as told by Zaphod

Dear Blogville,

You all know that I try really, really hard to be a good boy and make my people happy. They have been very good people and have loved me and taken good care of me - until yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early and Lady took us out and feed us. Then she gave me a pill. I didn't want it, but she made me take it. Then after a few more going outs and her doing something in the garage (Editor's note: Lady was covering the car with covers in case Phod was sick), she took just me out. At first I was very excited to be going, but as we started going I got really sick. I threw up a lot. My no sickness pill did not help. Finally after an hour we arrived at the vet and I was so excited to get out of the car. Lady had towels and garbage bags and other covers so she cleaned up the car and me and then we went in.

Showing off my bandage from where the
vampire got me. At least it wasn't pink!
checking it out.
I was so happy to be out of the car at first, I forgot I don't like the vet. Then the receptionist asked me to get on the scale. I was terrified. I tried to spread my legs out flat and push myself away so I didn't have to go on it, but my Lady pushed and pulled me until I got on. I weigh about 63 lbs. This is a good weight for me.

Next it was waiting in the waiting room. I was nervous and sat glued to my Lady. She talked to me and petted me and I shed a lot of hair. Then I got called in to a room. I sniffed around the room but then became glued to my Lady. Finally, Woody came. He didn't make me go on the table or even leave my Lady. He just sat on the floor beside me and gave me pets and checked me out. He said he wouldn't give me treats cause I had been so sick. The exam wasn't too bad, until I heard my Lady and Woody talking about my leg. See, if I run too much, my limp comes back. Woody said I likely have a soft tissue injury and need to rest for another 4-6 weeks. If it is not better at that time, I will need X-rays and will need to sleep through those. That is another month without ball. This is when life got really bad.

Phody looking sad after his visit

Suddenly the worst thing happen, Woody took my leash and started taking me out the back door. Lady went out the other door. I was so scared, Woody had to pull me. At the back they took my blood [Editor's Note: Vet and Lady decided he should be tested for heartworm as we don't know his history]. They gave me needles and then they took me back to my Lady.

By now I was just trying to leave. I sniffed and stood up at the door, but Lady said she had to pay.

The vet was so horrible (even though the people are very nice and love me, I don't want to see them there), I forgot I didn't like the car and just jumped in. I was sick on the way home again and so glad to be home. Lady let me run around the front yard before I came in.

Lady says I only have to go to the vet one time a year. I think that is one time too many.

From the Lady:
While Phod was really sick and nervous, he did a great job at the vet. He did stick close to me, but he was quiet and fairly easily redirected. He gave blood like a champ. It is very different taking a nervous Zaphod vs a nervous Hailey to the vet. He is much quieter in his nervousness. He got a clean bill of health and we will watch his leg.

PS: Yes, our well is on a pump so when there is no electricity there is no water. The generator is now sitting in the garage. Just need to connect with the electrician to get it installed.

This is post 998 . . . . .


  1. Yikes Phod you are not alone we hate the blood stealers too. Vile place and the torture chamber is the worst. Hope the generator is on soon. Have a tremendous Thursday and sorry for your lack of ball chasing.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh Phod, we share in your pain. We don't like the VET either! As nervous as you were, it sounds like you were really good while you were there. Sorry to hear you get the car sickies. We hope that today will be a much better day for you.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    We too are sorry you went over by 1 M&M. Butt we give you an A for effort.

  3. Awe…. poor Phody. I hope you are all over your car sickies. You did great at the Vet. I like to hide under Mom's chair (at the vet).
    I hope you leg is all better soon.

  4. Oh poor Phod that car really makes you sick.. You did do well at the vets :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Poor Phod. So hard to get a "stay quiet and don't run around" prescription when you're a vibrant doggy. 998...getting close!


  7. Holy moley! Big hugs to you, Phod! And to your Lady for having to clean up after you. :( Poor dear. You do what the vet says and rest that leg!

  8. So glad the vet visit "went okay"! So you are off the ball, huh? I had to be off the ball for 3 months! I know this is VERY difficult. If you are having troubles maybe it would be ok for your Lady to just toss it to you from 3 feet away and let you catch it in the air. That way you would not have to run at all. That was the ONLY thing that got me through being off the ball. Mom also used a totally different ball too. She put away all my regular balls cuz I would just carry them around and look pitiful. Good luck my furriend!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We are so very sorry you had a bad day at the frankenvet, even tho he really sounded like a good guy. It sounds like you did a great job tho!! we have all had the bloodstealers except baby angus and that is coming up soon for him, we will hear him screaming clear across the town. Try to rest so your leg will start to heal...we are very proud of you.
    stella rose

  10. Oh that's too bad that it was such a traumatic time at the vet but I totally understand - believe me - the only reason I don't get sick in the car is that I hide my head under my Mom's arm so I can't SEE - that helps a lot. You were very brave Phody....VERY.....once a year is bad but not as bad as it could be so let's hope some rest for that leg will keep you from having to go back before NEXT year's "regular" visit!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. Post 998... OH SO NEAR that BIG 1 THOUSAND mark.

    Poor Phod... what a terrible experience. I (Frankie Furter) used to be terribly AFRAID in any vehicle... BUTT event with that..I was Never Ever SICK in the car... it must be horrid. AND to add to the car misery... you had to go to the DOGTOR. They even stole your blood. HIDEOUS TREATMENT fur SURE.
    Once a year is Once too often to be going to that Chamber of Horrors.

  12. Dear Phod,

    Oh no! They took you to the terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-place-called-Vet! Oh no!

    I hate that place too. I also shed much fur. And shake a lot. It is terrible. I am very glad you survived. Whew.

    But all that time with no Ball? That's very sad. Tell your Lady you need much Bacon to make up for that...


  13. Oh Phod, we are so sorry that you had a horrible, horrible day! May there be better days ahead!

  14. OMP I sure hates the vets too, sticking us pups with needles, I can't understand why our people let them get away with it, no one else is allowed to be so horrid too us,

    Glad you got a clean bill of health have a pawsome weekend.


  15. 4-6weeks rest??!!! Like that's going to happen. Hope Phod got some treats for his traumatic day....and to restore his energy levels.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. 4-6 weeks without playing with balls sounds horrible (that came out sounding wrong...). At least you got a clean bill of health!

  17. Oh Phod, your vet trip doesn't sound too bad. The car ride sounds worse! ;) I hope your leg heals up quickly and you don't need those xrays.

  18. Hang in their Phod the Vet is fun cause they talk and hug us. Can't beat that
    Benny & Lily

  19. Phod sounds like you were super brave. Rest up though buddy, hope your leg is better soon


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