Thursday, July 11, 2013

A conversation between Lee and Lady

Lee: Lady you have been working too much and not around and I don't get to read my blogs (I miss my friends)and you have been grumpy. I am disappointed in you.

Lady: I am sorry Lee. I have been very busy. I have to get a lot of work done before my holidays. You see if I don't work, I don't get paid, so I have to balance it out. Plus I have 3 big projects this month.

Lee: I don't care if you get paid or not. You need to spend more time loving me.

Lady: If I don't get paid, I can't buy you treats, so I think you care.

Lee: If that is the case, get back to work! Besides you are grumpy so it is better if you are in the home office.

Lady: Yes Lee, I have been a little grumpy. I am sorry. You and Phody and Emma could help me by listening. It doesn't help me be less grumpy when I have to go into the bush to get you back.

Lee: I will try, but I make no promises! Are you ever going to be home more?

Lady: I have 7 business days until 3 weeks off, most of which I am planning on spending with you.

Lee: I am sure after that much time I will be happy to see you go back to work!

Lady: I am sure you will too! I have to do some work, but know I love you.

Lee: I do love you too, even if you are an imperfect human. 


  1. LOL imperfect human. Hope you get everything done before your hols. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Yep, sometimes we just have to lay down the law with peeps, they seem to have no sense of what is right!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee

  3. We do have to have those occasional talks with our parents, sometimes they get lost on the path to nowhere and we have to bring them back home!
    stella rose

  4. It's good that you have these talks with Lee, Phod and Emma. They will tell you the truth and help you out. Dogs are wise that way.

  5. 3 weeks off ~ yea! That means 3 weeks of belly rubs & treats. That's what I'm talking about.....

    Lily Belle

  6. LOL! Sounds like you're planning on a great three weeks together! We're all about plenty of treats!

  7. We hope your 7 days goes quickly!


  8. Well 3 weeks sure does sound nice at least!

  9. Work is a four-letter word that interferes with OUR lives! Oh well, you'll have to enjoy your treats until you can have your holiday time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. tell your Mom not to work too hard and we will be awaiting her return!

  11. Gosh three weeks off will be wonderful so you ALL can have more fun time with your Mom. Patience - that's the key (not always something we're good at though!!!!).

    Hang in there............Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. I feel your pain Lee, my mummy says she has loads of 'real' work on atm so she hasn't been able to help me either. But 3 weeks together sounds like superfun to me!


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