Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thank you - by Lee and Phod

Lee: Phody you won Misaki's ball contest, you need to thank people.

Phod: Move over so I can.

Lee: You know if it wasn't for me writing that you had entered on the blog, people wouldn't have voted for you, so make sure to thank me. Also, just so you know if I had entered (but I hate balls so I wouldn't lower myself to that), I would have gotten more votes and beaten you. Not that I am competitive or anything, just stating a fact. I am the princess and am more loveable.

Phod: Do I get a turn yet?

Lee: Almost, Blogville thank you for voting for my brother. He is not me, but we find ways to love him. This will make him feel special, and don't worry if it goes to his head, I will put him in his place. We won't have any of that in my house.

Phod: Can I go yet?

Lee: Almost, I would like to thank the Man for agreeing to throw the ball and Lady for taking pictures, not because they were the winning pictures or anything but because when they were doing it, I got to sneak into the groundhog hole area and try and play with my friend. I would like to thank Emma for also distracting them to help me reach my goal. I would like to thank . . . .

Phod: My turn - MOVE!

Dear Blogville, I am humbled by winning this prize. There was some great competition. I think everyone who ever plays with a ball is a winner.  The past few weeks have been hard, I have not got to play like I would have liked. However, I am healing now and I even got to go swimming this week! This is the second time I have won something. 11 months ago I won my first prize, Catahoula Rescue had the foresight to allow Lady and Man to adopt me. That was the biggest prize and without it, I wouldn't have people who played so much ball, loved me so much, and entered me in the contest. I wouldn't have my sister Hailey who I love too. So I am very grateful to Catahoula Rescue, and my people. I am also thankful for all of you who voted for me. I think everyone was deserving of votes.  Now to celebrate, let's play ball!

Lee: That was an ok speech . . . . if I had won it would have been better . . . . . . just saying.


  1. Well done Phod we were so pleased it was you. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Congratulations, Phod! So happy for you (and Lee too).

  3. Congrats on winning! I too love playing ball. Stanley doesn't play ball so much as he takes mine away just to be rude. This caused a bit of a "situation" just yesterday (Tuesday's post). Have a wonderful victory celebration!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Good job on the win!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. ZAPHOD..... CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY!!! We were bouncing with JOY yesterday when we saw that you had WON!!!
    Darn you do have to put up with a LOT from Lee, don't you???

  6. Congratulations Phod! Love your intensity while chasing and your politeness the rest of the time. :)

  7. Well done, well done friend. Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations on winning! Lee, you're quite the public speaker! :D

  9. It sure was a great pic! Thanks for taking part:-)

  10. Way to go Phod! The pictures of the great atheletes is priceless.



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