Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stressing the dog out

I found a fun way to stress Lee out, painting.

It started when I took everything out of the closet and the hall. It got worse when I started putting putty on the wall to fix the spots where Gemi ate (as well as picture holes etc). I am happy to report that since I don't say no often to Lee, a stern "No" got her to stop trying to lick the putty off the wall. She had to go and sulk.

At one point she got down the hall, and told her to leave, but she stood frozen. As I approached her, brush in hand, she got scared and backed into wet wall. I threatened a bath, but man was able to wipe the yellow off her bum. She didn't try and go down the hall after this. In fact she just avoided it all (which was good).

She was clearly happy when the project was over and she could relax (so was I, am have never really painted and I wasn't good at it, next time I think I will hire someone) .

The cats didn't seem to notice anything was going on. I got paint on Gheera as he passed through from the basement (I am not going to win awards for being a neat painter), but other than that, they stayed far away.

Oh the fun of a long weekend!


  1. Ooooh painting. I hate it, but love change.

    Yellow is quite the bold choice!

  2. It is for a dark hallway, so yellow isn't as bold:) I love colour!

  3. When do I get to see a picture? And poor Hailey.. do you lay awake at night thinking of ways to stress her?...G

  4. Hailey does think I plot to stress her out. She feels she is the abused pup! She doesn't like if anything is different in her life!

    G: My Lady says you can see the hall when you come and visit me:)


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