Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New way to stress my dog out!

I think Lee thinks I stay up at night looking for fun new ways to make her life miserable! I assure her I don't and that it is just life happening that stresses her out.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my beloved HHR (I loved that car!). 5 minutes after picking up the new car it was time for agility. This gave me just enough time to put the seat cover on the backseat (my goal is to try and keep this car cleaner than my old one . . . ). Then it was time for Lee to get in.

She was a little nervous jumping in (the new one is an SUV so she has to jump higher) and she was clearly very stressed as we drove to school. I thought she was going to pant herself to death. Needless to say it was not the most relaxing first drive (in crappy weather may I add). She was a little better on the way home (perhaps tired after agility) and was a little better today when we went to the dog park this morning. It never crossed my mind that she would be so stressed in a different car.

Hopefully both she and I will grow to love this new car!


  1. Dogs are weird when it comes to new cars, I've learned.

    Wookie used to jump into the Jeep when we would go out, but now with the new one, he doesn't want to go near it. It's a few inches higher and maybe that freaks him out, I'm not sure.

  2. Must be that "new car smell". Congrats! He just needs to scent it up a bit (but hopefully not too much!)


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