Friday, February 24, 2012

Feline Friday - A day in the life of Nin

6:00 am - Start meowing and carrying on. I am starving, these people never feed me, I am going to die.

7:00 am: My people are up, meow like crazy, lead them to the food dish. Oh look there is food left, maybe I should have checked before freaking out and thinking I was starving, oh well. 

7:02 am - Eat breakfast so fast that I immediately throw it up.

7:15 am: Lady is on the couch reading the paper. Climb on her and take about 5 minutes to settled down on her lap purring. 

8:00 am: Lady has gotten up and ruined my life, to show her I will go to the litter box and pee beside it.
Lee and Nin fighting over space!

8:20 am: Nap time. I will curl up on my pillow on the table and sleep all day.

4:00 pm: Oh my goodness, it is late and my people haven't fed me, I need to carry on and tell them. They are feeding me, oh look, there is food left, I really need to learn to check.

4:20 pm: My least favourite part of the day, Lee is hyper and will keep trying to hump me.

4:30-9:30 pm: This is my free time. I might cuddle on the couch, I might clean Gheera's ears, I might sit on people's lap, I might have to hide if Lee is humpy.

9:30 pm: Oh it looks like my people might be going to bed, but they didn't feed me, I am going to starve to death, oh my, I am freaking out. Oh, look they are feeding me and look, I still have food left. I need to learn to remember that! 

10:00 pm - Bed time, can't wait for the morning.

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