Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't romantize me!

I have found myself falling into a trap I hate - I find myself remembering my dearly departed dogs as perfect.  This is one of those things I hate when humans die. None of us are perfect and yet so often in death that is what people talk about/remember. Now I am not saying,  think ill of the dead, but I do try and remember people as complex and less than perfect beings. I would hope that if I died, that while my family and friends would remember and cherish my great qualities such as my dedication, humour, passion, that they wouldn't overlook the fact that I can be anal, my OCD type stuff drives them crazy and my impatience and perfectionism can be annoying. Those "quirks" are what makes me, me.

Loki and Gemi were not perfect. Don't get me wrong, they were both good dogs. They were loveable and cuddly, but not without their annoying "quirks". On this day of love I thought I would share these "quirks. I truly believe that these quirks are some of the reason we love our pets!

Gemi, Aunt C, Loki and me at the beach Sept.09

Loki: Besides having an autoimmune disorder (which wasn't his fault so we don't hold it against him), he could be a pain in the ass. He was embarrassingly humpy. He was dominant. He marked other people's houses. He was demanding. He would sit and huff at you through his crazy teeth until he got what he wanted. He was an amazing escape artist and would use any opportunity to explore the world. He hated the groomer, probably the only place he was "nasty".

Gemini: She was a very challenging puppy. She ate the baseboards and the walls. She never got past her bad habit and jumping up and biting people she loved when they first entered the house. It hurt and left bruises. She destroyed other people's stuff. For example, once she ate Uncle Chris' hat that he left on the floor and the mouth guard of Aunt Darlene when she was baby sitting her (who she adored). She also developed anxiety that led to her fur falling out and obsessive drinking and then peeing. While Loki was dying it was her that destroyed the carpets!

(I think the living dog, Lee's quirks are outlined clearly throughout this blog!)

Do your pets have crazy quirks that make them "more" loveable?

Happy Valentine's day!


  1. This is a great point and I love this idea. We can love them but also talk about the stupid shit they do.

    Wookie's barking and squealing when he sees another dog is embarrassing. He sounds like he wants to eat other dogs when he's on a leash, and people get freaked out, but I am constantly saying "oh, he's friendly.. just excited".

    Halladay has anxiety. He whines and cries when Randie leaves him in a strange place, even if I'm with him. He's 100% a daddy's boy. He gets overly excited when people come over or when people talk to him at the park, and he squeals and jumps on them.

  2. Ohhh, my cat Lemew!
    Like Loki, he's graced with some medical challenges, that while I don't hold against him, definitely add to his quirkiness.
    He's absolutely obnoxious when we eat, he stands up at the table and begs like he's never been fed. And he'll practically bite your finger off to get a treat.
    He pees on stuff to show dominance and mark his territory, although there have only been two animals that made him do that - my parent's cat Rover, and Lee!
    He eats plants, and will climb and jump and do whatever it takes to get to them. He also loves to chew on plastic bags. Both of these things make him sick, and he prefers to puke on carpet.

    But he's super cute and sweet and wonderful, and I wouldn't trade him for the world, quirks and all!!

  3. Mel: LOL. It is always hard to explain to others when you know your dog is just friendly. Lee whines when the Man leaves and carries on and doesn't when I leave and that always ticks me off!

    CDra: I just put Lemew's treats on the floor, it is scary to give them to his little sharky mouth!

  4. I always find the cat on the table when I go in the kitchen, no matter how many times I chase her off!


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