Sunday, February 27, 2011

We need more snow!

I never thought I would live to see the day when I would say we need more snow. My general reasons for not wanting lots of snow are: I hate driving in it, I don’t do winter sports, and I usually do most of the shovelling. (And as a true Canadian I need to complain about the weather!).

However, I now have a winter sport – I walk the dog. Last week we had the beautiful record setting high of +11 C. It was almost the perfect day. The perfect day made the snow melt. It made the trail at the dog park muddy for a day, then this froze into a crazy, bumpy, uneven, difficult surface to walk on. Originally, this was better than a frozen even surface (aka ice rink). But as the week has gone by without snow and hundreds of feet and paws are slowly eroding the bumpy tracks and polishing them, it is becoming more difficult to walk at the park. The dogs don’t want to run on either the uneven or the polished surface. I am sure I am going to fall most of the time we are walking. If we could just get a couple inches of snow to cover this mess, the park would be more fun. (I realize I sound like a skier, which supports my claim that dog walking is a winter sport!).

Let it snow! (Mother Nature the 1 cm that you brought last night is not enough, we need about 4!)

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