Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Higher Education

The family of Miss Hailey Bug is pleased to announce, that despite their trepidation at the beginning, Miss Bug has completed Intermediate Obedience. Significant gains have been made in Miss Bug’s off leash behaviour while her people are in sight. She continues to become stressed when her people leave her sight. Miss Bug also more readily comes when called (as often demonstrated at the dog park), and drastic improvements in her stay have been observed.

Miss Bug plans on taking a short hideous from her formal education. She will use this time to relax and reflect on the significant gains she has made in her behaviour in the five short months she has been with her new pack. She plans to continue to work on her confidence when her people leave her and to generalize her skills to novel handlers (aka dog sitters).

Congratulations Miss Bug and thank you to the excellent (and patient) trainers at Ottawa Canine School.

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