Thursday, February 17, 2011


On the weekend, Miss Hailey Bug had the run of the house as Miss Cricket was at the beauty parlour and the Lady and the Man were doing the errands.

Here is what happened:

She knocked the gates off the upstairs. She got the shoes. She put one of my boots in the front hall and one on the couch (and she chewed the laces on both). She put one of Drew’s shoes on the couch, one upstairs.

The biggest mystery is how Bagheera ended up locked inside the bathroom. The door was open when we left and closed when we got home. We can’t imagine that she pulled it closed. Our best guess is that Gheera had enough and somehow closed the door behind him.

We will never know. I guess we need to think about put in surveillance cameras so we know what happens when we are not in the house!

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