Saturday, January 22, 2011


We were at the dog park today and I had been thinking as we were walking through the woods, that being out with my dogs is probably one of my favourite things. (Note to self, don’t think things like this because then bad things happen).  We caught up with a group of dogs and walked half way with them. Lee had a great time chasing a dog with a stick. It was great to watch her run and play.

We got back to the field and Lee was having a great time running and playing and Gemi was having an OK time with people and running free. Lee kept stealing a Jack Russell’s ball (we will call this dog Jack to protect her identity). I am not sure exactly what happened as I was probably 30 feet away, but I heard yelling and saw Jack’s owner pulling Lee of her (thank goodness for the harness, easy to pull her off). Both dogs were very angry. As soon as Lee was off, she calmed down but Jack kept attacking her. I went over quickly (but ala Caesar calm and assertive) and took Lee. She was looking at the Jack like what the heck and the woman apologized for Jack’s behaviour and walked away. She did say Jack did not like Lee.  I take it that Jack attacked Lee and Lee fought back. Being much bigger, Lee of course was going to win. At any rate, as the woman was staying and let her dog go again and had to keep getting her to stop coming at Lee. I put Lee on her leash, rounded up Gemi and we came home.

Lee seems fine, but I am slightly traumatized. I want my dog to love all dogs and everyone to love her!

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