Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puppy Abuse

This is Gemini Cricket speaking. I would like to report puppy abuse.  My people have gotten the stupidest idea ever into their heads. They have decided that I might like to go to puppy school and go to agility. They say I haven’t had all the attention that the others have had.  Last week wasn’t so bad, but this week was horrible. Both Lady and Man came and there were extra people watching. One of the dog’s barks a lot, and she gets the others barking. I don’t love that.

First, they wanted me to walk across this little board, which was bad enough, but it became a moving up and down board. They also wanted me to walk up this steep ramp and really high narrow board. Then they wanted me to walk across this bigger board. And then they wanted me to jump up onto a table in the middle of the room. People are stupid. I tried to get out of this by pretending I didn’t want to and refusing to walk. When this didn’t work, I just gave in and did most of it, except the stupid bridge. It is just scary.

At the end of the class when most were gone, I did the A-frame and the table perfectly. They tell me I have to go again next week. Why does LeeLee get to stay home? I don’t think they love me. As I am unable to dial a phone, please feel free to report this horrible abuse to others.

Thank you for your help.
Gemi trying out the teeter totter on the ground

Trying the bridge

Brave on the A frame

Trying the whole teeter totter

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