Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Cold would be an understatement – it has been around -27 C in the mornings (or -17 F) since Sunday. That is before the wind chill. For those of you who have never experienced this, this is what we call #*!@*!@* cold! For dogs, even boots and sweaters aren’t enough to keep you warm enough to have a long visit outside.  

This has put the kibosh on our walks. Miss Hailey Bug is quite happy about this. She pretty much goes out, does her business and comes in. This is a slight improvement to Loki who would refuse to go out and you would have to carry out and not let in until he went. When this happened he would lift his leg about 5 inches from the door, go and demand to come back in.  The problem for Miss Bug, is she was fine for a few days, but now is starting to get restless. She needs a run. Here is hoping the temperatures warm up enough today for us to go out later. (You realize you are a true Canadian when anything over -12 seems balmy!)

Miss Cricket is a beast who is not as bothered by this cold. (Although note, she will only go out in the yard on cold days. If you offer to take her to the park, she will hide!) You would think she was part husky. The other day, when it had warmed up to -18 C (around 1 F), she was out for a very long time. I know she is not as affected so I left her as long as I could. However, after 15 minutes I was too stressed so I went and called her. I couldn’t see her. I called again, still nothing. I started to feel that panic of |oh my, she is so cold she can’t come in.” I decide one more call and then I will dress to go out. I use the special call “Gemini Cookie” and she come barrelling in from the one spot in the yard I just can’t see. She was completely covered in snow. I guess she was rolling and playing out there. She was cold when she came in and wanted to snuggle, but I am sure if I had let her, she would have stayed out long. Silly girl!

Stay warm!

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