Thursday, January 20, 2011

I knew it was going to be a good night when

we left the house and at the top of the stairs on our way to puppy school, LeeLee and I spotted a bunny at the same time. I immediately said stay. She sat on the step and shook and cried, but did not move or pull. I was able to lock the door and walk her to the car. It was amazing! Totally blew my mind!

At puppy school, she was a superstar. Most of the time she only got out of her stay if the other dogs had and were playing. She was always the last to join. She was the calmest tonight.  (Oh the joys of the full moon!) I was able to sit stay her and leave the building and she didn’t move until I came back and was about 8 feet from her! It was another wow moment!

She has been very stubborn with her down this week, but using the principles of reinforcement I had her downing with the best of them! By the end she was a pro!

At the end of class we took turns calling each others dogs. She went right to the lady who called her. We took turns handling each others dogs, she was a superstar!

I of course got the jumpy, happy to be alive, I can smell your good cookies dog, who I did get under control but not before she cut me and drew blood jumping up! Oh well, my dog was good and that is all that matters!

A very proud Lady!

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