Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nature on Thursday

Winter is upon us, and Lady's feeders have attracted some of the local wildlife. Here are a few of the visitors from last week.

First up we share the loan male turkey. He must have lost the ladies to another male. He was disappointed the feeders needed to be filled and came right up to Lady's office window where she was working and stared at her. He was like 3 feet away. By the time she went to get him some food, he had left. 

After Lady put out the food (and actually a few days before, they have been around a lot) the gang arrived. It can be as many as 16 birds. 

This is them in the side yard - there had been a fight - we think between males

Lady was lucky one day to catch a glimpse of one of her deer friends. She admits, they are some of her favourites. 

Not pictured a group of 30 small birds - Lady thinks some kind of sparrow; all the chickadees; downy woodpecker.

They can be very distracting when she is working! 

Happy Groundhog Day!


  1. we hope spring comes soon... the deer agrees right?

  2. Hari OM
    The best kind of distraction to have... after two wonderfurs pupsters, of course! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. So wonderful to live in the midst of all this wildlife ~ and blessings on you for filling their tummies with food when winter's cupboard is so bare.

  4. What absolutely wonderful nature. The deer surely posed nicely.
    Lee I hope you back is better, Phod I hope you are still enjoying all that snow and the scents the critters leave.
    I think Lady and Man are about to take a trip...I wish them so much fun in the sun
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. It's amazing how many animals you see in your yard!

  6. Such beautiful Nature today! Our Mama has been known to give the feeders a rest for a couple of days(although she keeps the suet filled) to give the grackles some time to move on BOL.

    Hope your Lady and Man find some sun!
    Sunny and Rosy

  7. We love the Turkeys! They are so much fun to watch! Living in the woods is the best! Purrs Marv


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