Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Traitor Tuesday - Milo

Dear pals,

Callie got a little brother, a cat named Milo.

The picture Callie's mom sent our Lady

Lady and Man went over to meet Milo the other day. While they were there, for no good reason, the power went out. So yes, we were alone in the house in the dark while they were loving a kitten.

The Man holding little Milo

Milo will eventually become and indoor/outdoor cat. We had a brief meeting of him through the screen door. Phod was scared of the hissing and Lee sadly couldn't see him in the dusk light as he was not moving. Lady and Man say, when he is bigger and we may run into him more, we will be more properly introduced.

your pals, 2 angry dogs


  1. Hari OM
    Oh for heaven's sake, is there no end to the traitorship of your peeps??!!! Mind you, you could look at it as you are gaining a fun new neighbour... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. wow your staff has strike of cheating.... but that Milo is super cute...

  3. Milo looks like my sons Jesse James kitten, that is now an angel, he was so precious at this age. I like the name Milo and hope you both like him when he gets bigger. so sorry about that dang power going out

  4. Oh, no! Lady and Man are in trouble Again!

  5. OH NO!! We sure hope he didn't give your Lady any "ideas"!

  6. Lady and Man are in the dutch again! Milo is sure cute and we hope one day you will be friends with him.

  7. Watch out.... cats rule and are really good jumpers.

  8. That's just terrible for your pawrents to cheat on you like that.

  9. I hope you two become good friends with Milo. ~Ernie

  10. That kitty looks like our angel Maddie cat (aka Medusa) If the doggies ever bothered her, she'd punch them in the nose.


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