Monday, September 5, 2022

Mischief Monday - Alone - by Phod

 Dear pals,

My people were horrible this week. I was left alone not once but twice last week.

Maybe if I keep my eyes closed I can pretend it never happened

The first was a work day. On Wednesday, for the first time since March 13, 2020 (and one time to go get his chair in there), the Man had to go into the city for a work event (i.e. team lunch). The Man hadn't even met some of his coworkers in person before. This happened on a day Lady was in the city so we were alone for  about 87 million hours (Lady says it was 4). Then on Saturday, the people had tickets to the musical Anastasia and the Man needed a new computer and they needed groceries so we were alone for another 87 million hours (Lady says it was just over 6 hours). And a storm rolled in while they were away, both times!

We tried very hard to be good, but some very big mouse came in and had an accident on the floor both days. (Lady says it looks like someone was trying to hold it but couldn't), and Hailey got scared and rubbed her nose until it bled. However, no distraction occurred. 

This week is going to be even worse. We have to spend a night at camp as the people are going out of town to see Sir Elton John. I don't know who that is, but I can't imagine he is more impressive than us.

Lady said to tell you all she is sorry for not visiting more. Work is something and she is working really hard to make sure she gets lots of screen free time daily. She is doing her best.

Your friend the abandoned Phod


  1. so sorry you are feeling abandoned, dear sweet Phod.. Hope everything calms down and the people stay home where they belong. we are still getting storms popping up alos

  2. why you can not go with them to see Elton John? dogs love muzak too ...but we hope they will sing all songs to you when they are back...

  3. Clearly, Lady and Man deserve the anticipation and delight of the concert! Don't worry, my pretties, they will sing to you when they return!

  4. Hari OM
    You need to become EMAs - emotional support animals.... that is, animals needing emotional support. Then you gain all areas access.... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Phod and Lee...I hope and purr you two had a closed door meeting discussing
    revenge. I personally would have run for the Canadian Rockies if I saw a mouse
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. BOL BOL BOL anonymous(e) is Cecilia

  7. Oh, poor Phod! You sure have been mistreated and it sounds like that is going to continue. We hope things improve for you soon.

  8. I know what you mean, Phod! Saturday both Dad and ghostwriter went out for dinner with the rest of the family, and I was left alone for at least 3 hours! Harumph!

  9. Some days are so much harder than others, Phod. We hope after this week passes, the peeps will stay home a whole lot more!

  10. Phod, I read your post to our crew, because they thought it was just them left alone last week for a gazillion minutes and hours where the cats had total run of the house and they could only watch and take the blame for their mischief. I know you'll have fun at camp, and Lady and the Man will love (!!!) and have fun seeing Sir Elton John, but will of course be missing you! ❤❤

  11. Oh no! Being left alone is no fun at all for you two. And you should have told me about that big mouse. I would have come over and scared it away. ;) ~Ernie


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