Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Catch Up Time

 Dear pals,

Oh how we have missed you! We are hoping by the time you read this Lady will have done some catching up with all of you. Even when she is not able to drop by virtually regularly, she is often thinking of you and wondering how you all are.

On the way home from camp Lee went under the seat cover. 

Lady says work has been busy.  Adjusting to the September schedule is always something and every year she says she is going to take September off, and instead, she stays for the craziness.

Lady and Man had a great 36 hours away. Sir Elton John was worth it. We were fine at camp. We were caught napping in a room full of other dogs at pick up, so it is hard for us to say we were totally mistreated. 

An angry Phod

Lady says she is also adjusting to referring to the former Prince Charles as King Charles, and has been driving everyone insane going around singing God save the King. The King is the Head of State for Canada. Lady has no real feelings about living in a constitutional monarchy. She does follow the royals some out of curiosity. She is actually more interested in learning that she is the 26th great-granddaughter of King John, made very famous in Disney's Robin Hood. 

Lady volunteered her and Man to take Callie out on the days Callie's Lady has to work in the city now. So 2 days a week, we spend lunch with Callie. Lady says it lets her pretend she has 3 dogs.

Also, if Milo their kitten comes out, she gets some Milo time.  He hasn't figured out he can run away from her yet. So she is also pretending she has a kitten.

Life keeps moving on here and we are really all good, just settling back to busy times.

Looking forward to being around more.

Lee, Phod and Lady


  1. we wish king charles all da best and we wish all his people only da best....

  2. I am glad to hear things are calming down and so please to here Callie and the kitten have a new 2 day family. so good for them and for you too. wow on being the 27th great granddaughter of a king. I am a huge fan of Robinhood. I watched the funeral yesterday and it was a touching tribute to the Queen.

  3. Wonderful post; glad everyone survived, and/or enjoyed the away time. Does her illustrious lineage mean we should refer to Lady as Ma'am ....or Princess Lady?

  4. Good to hear from you guys, and so pleased that you survived camp. Gail has promised me that I will never be sent to camp in order that she might see Elton John, but if it's a question of going cycling, that's another matter.
    Gail feels about the same as Lady when it comes to the monarchy. Hearing 'God Save the King' is going to take some getting used to (but at least Gail is not going around singing it!)

  5. What fun that you get to see Callie and Milo at their house to play on a regular basis! We agree with Fay. Lady needs to be referred to as Princess Lady, which means a curtsy is in order.

  6. Hari OM
    The British Monarchy are the original soap opera. I don't do watch soap operas...

    I am glad that you really rather happy and together and have a couple of days a week of being an expanded furmily! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. We're glad to hear your stay at camp wasn't too bad and that it sounds like you might have had fun. That's nice of Lady to look after Callie and Milo while their mom is away for work.

  8. Whew...sounds like everypuppy and human is real busy!!! We are glad your Lady and Man had a nice time seeing Sir Elton...and that you two were pretty relaxed at Camp!!

  9. Elton John would be 36 hours well spent. He is a great entertainer.
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Hi friends, Ojo here! It sounds like everything went well, hurray! Except for the fact that there is a CAT on your blog. How did that happen???


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