Thursday, July 21, 2022

Physio Help

 Dear pals,

Lady has started physio for what her therapist (who is French, so there may be some translation issues here) calls a 'weak left butt'. In other words the muscles in her left glute are weak and causing her some issues. Currently every day, 2 times a day, she does her exercises. We are very helpful during them.

Wake me if something interesting is happening

Why are you doing that weird stuff on the floor?


  1. Oh Lee and Phod
    I am so sorry Lady has a tushie ache. I hope and purr it is not screaming sciatica. I have had that way too many times. Stretches do help but they also hurt for a while
    Sending get better hugs

  2. we hope the muscles come back and yor lady feels better.... and we love that you are such fab fitness coaches..

  3. great coaching skills, and we love watching you watching your lady... I can't get up and down off the floor so my excercise is done laying on the end of the bed. I do them every day

  4. The hoomans will do whatever it takes to feel better. We hope Lady feels better soon!

  5. Oh no....we hope Lady's butt gets stronger soon. It looks like those exercises are wearing you two out!

  6. It looks like you two are doing a great job helping the Lady with her exercises.

  7. Here's hoping the PT helps the 'weak butt.' P.S. Seems like I'm getting notices now with multiple posts, not a daily individual email. Because of that delay, I'm sorry this is a late response.


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