Thursday, April 14, 2022

Dear Man - Post 3 Covering Days 3-5

 Some clarifications before we begin. The Man is on a vacation all by himself. He asked Lady to go with him but she wasn't ready to travel, especially on a cruise ship, so she decided to stay home with us. 

Dear Man,

We thought we were being the best puppies and more or less listening to the Lady but the most horrible thing has happened.

Can't we just stay home together forever? 

On Monday, Lady didn't give us breakfast and then made us get in the car. Lee was very enthusiastic, but Phod was suspicious and there was a lot of coaxing and trying to go back in the house. Lady said a video would have been funny.

Then we drove for 87 million years, about an hour and realized we were at camp. We haven't been there forever. We were not happy.

Apparently on Monday, we had a good day at camp. Phod played all day. Lee played a little. We were very snuggly with each other (which we aren't at home). 

We were thrilled to be home but disappointed you weren't. We looked everywhere for you!

Tuesday we were two very, very tired pups. 

Wednesday, Lady was really worried she wasn't going to be able to get us into the car, but we were both excited when she asked if we wanted to go to camp.

We had another good day.

While camp was alright, we would much rather be home with Lady. She says it is our last day for now and we will get to be home alone for a few hours today as she has a dental appointment. We will see how this goes.

Two very tired pups, Lee and Phod


  1. oh boy what an adventure... and what good kids you were ... congrats for being the best pups!!!

  2. I am sorry you have to go to camp and wildly happy you both are doing well while there.. not fun to stay home alone, for both of you or for mama coming home to a not so good home front. when daddy comes home will mama make him quarantine for a few days? I would. no way would i go on a cruise these days. I still wear a mask even though THEY say we don't have to... be good while the lady is at the dentist

  3. I am glad you enjoyed (more of less) yourselves at camp!

  4. Hari OM
    Ugh, I was hoping you wouldn'g have to deal with camp... but it looks as though you actually enoyed the different scenery and setting. Phew! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who totally understands Lady's reticence at mixing and mingling aboard a floating prison in these infectious times...)

  5. We've never been to camp, but it does sound like fun. You two will surely behave for Lady while she is at the dentist. We hope the Man comes home soon.

  6. So I'm confused now.
    Is this camp a horrible thing or not?

  7. Camp sure sounds like fun to me!

  8. We are so glad you had a good time at camp!! Hope the "home alone" thing went well today!
    Rosy, Jakey & Sunny

  9. Doggy camp. I will need tell my son and daughter in law about this.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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