Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Dear Man - Day Two

 Dear Man,

You will be happy, and maybe surprised, to hear that on Sunday, as is custom, Lady made pancakes. We refuse to say if they were as good as yours because Lady said you come home late next Sunday and we want to make sure we get some next week. Subpar pancakes are better than no pancakes. Lady did not give us the fancy syrup. 

Lady says they couldn't have been too bad because Lee ate all her breakfast after a day of not really eating. 

Phod spends most of his time at the door, awaiting your return.

Lee was glued to the Lady on  Saturday, but on Sunday is back to her normal routine. 

While there is still some snow, there is more grass and some of us have been rolling a lot.  Lady has been keeping with our regular outings. She says tired pups are good pups. 

Speaking of tired, Lady tricked us this week, and we had to go to camp. We will tell you all about that on Thursday.

Hope you aren't getting burnt.

Your very good pups, Lee and Phod


  1. in your next letter to dad please advise if he is workiing or just cruising. Mama wants to know. I love pancakes too. Mama laughed when she found Phods eyes peeking over the table, she said she almost missed him... it sounds like your mama is doing a good job.. I wait at the door when our man leaves too

  2. Hari Om
    ...I have just had all ends of trubs trying to comment... sixth attempt now... and all nicities or quips forgotten... YAM xx

    1. ,,,crap,,,, the captcha has been enabled apparently...

  3. all pancakes are good...even when they are not the same like always ;O)))

  4. I confess that, at first, I thought the photo of Phod napping was Phod "passed out" from sub-par 'cakes! Sorry.... :0)

  5. How nice that the lady made pancakes for you, but she should have included the syrup! We hope Man is having a nice cruise but we're sure you all would rather he were home with you.

  6. Dear Man I hear you are having a very nice time and that makes me happy!!

    Dear Phod...FYI: a watched door blocked by a watching dog has a hard time opening.
    Dear Lee wise decision not to critique the panny cakes.

    Dear Lady here's to some time to R&R for you too
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I'll take pancakes however I can get them because I RARELY get them.

  8. We sure hope your Man isn't getting burnt either...then he might not be able to make pancakes next week!
    Rosy, Jakey and Sunny

  9. I hope I get to try pancakes one day. Even sub-par ones would do.

  10. I'd say pancakes are good any time no matter who made them. Hopefully things will return to normal real soon. Hey, it's already almost Wednesday! Well, sort of …


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