Monday, March 16, 2020

Mischief Monday - A Walk in The Woods

The scene: A lovely Wednesday evening at home.

Starring: Hailey and the Lady

Scene opens: Lady opens the door to let Phod out. Lee manages to sneak out and takes off into the woods behind the house. 

I am sure these are all lies

The Lady gets Phod back inside,  grabs her coat and shoes and spends the next 15 minutes, going up and down the hill in the yard, calling Lee, trying to get her to come back.

Both  are sinking. At times, the Lady sinks into snow that is over her knees (about every 4th step). It is a slow chase and they likely both look ridiculous. Lady regrets the decision to not put snowshoes on. This would have made it easier.

Lady is yelling, swearing, asking nicely, pleading with Lee to stop and come back. At times she is considering going home and just waiting for Lee to come home. Then she worries it could be hours. 

Lee is smelling the deer tracks, never once looking back, never once leaves the yard. 

Finally, at the top of the hill, out of breath, while Lee is eating deer poop, Lady reaches her and puts her leash on.

For the first time, Lee acknowledges Lady. She looks surprised to see her.

Tired of sinking, Lady crawls across the yard back to the house. 

Lee spends some time in the crate as Lady needs a few minutes to compose herself.

As there was a layer of ice on the snow, Lady's legs got cut up when she sunk. This was the worst spot.

The joys of owning a Hailey as spring approaches! 


  1. oh that was a bad adventure... but at the end we are glad to get the escapers even when we pay with blood for our efforts... hugs to you...

  2. Oh thank goodness Hailey did not go further and allowed herself to be recaptured!
    Hoping the wound heals quickly.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Oh my, Hailey. You might want to work on your situational awareness!

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey, Lee, You need earphones on so as not to miss a call... Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Hailey you really need to listen to the Lady when she calls you.

  6. I bet deer poo is 10 times better than rabbit poo!

  7. Deer poop? I only get bunny and birdie poops in my yard. But our patron saint, Old Charisma used to escape and go on sniff missions. The peeps finally had to put a fence around the back yard!

  8. Dear Hailey, you never met Baby Girl, she is an angel now, she had misadventures just like yours. Once UPS left a package on the porch. Daddy opened the door, squatted to pick up the box and Baby sailed over his head and ran out in the busy street and down the street for 3 blocks, zooming in and out of traffic and then took off down a street out of sight. we live on a busy street. it took us an hour to get her back, I finally drove up and down calling her and when she saw me I opened the back door and yelled wanna go for a ride? she sailed in and I almost drove her back to the shelter we saved her from. after that, someone held her tightly when we opened the front door. She did manage to get away 3 more times of the 15 years we had her, only 3 because we knew she would do it

  9. Oh dear might want to tread softly...that walk in the woods was on the wild side
    hugs Cecilia

  10. Oh Lee...we know the smells of Spring are calling, but you need to wait for your Lady and Man to take you out to smell them!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. Oh my! Nothing worse than an escapee in deep snow.

  12. Would have loved to see 'the chase' on video....

  13. That must have been a very scary and difficult time for the Lady. Hailey, please don't do that again. We understand how tantalizing those deer tracks can be but . . .

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  14. That sounds like flat-out the WORST walk in the woods ever. Not fun at all for Lady at least. Sheesh, L. That was naughty behavior. Thank goodness you're all home safe and sound.

    Love and licks,

  15. Isn't it amazing how they can look surprised to see you when you've been yelling for them? I guess that Lee was absorbed in that gourmet deer poop.

  16. deer poop yuk...Anyhow should worry the Misses of place at all

  17. Selective hearing is our motto! BOL! Butts, it's never good when the peep has to chase after us, especially in bad conditions. This makes for a grouchy peep. grouchy peeps are stingy with the treats. never a good thing. A doggie has to ask themselves, was the top shelf deer poop worth it? heheheee
    {{hugs}} to the Lady, and a tin a mints for you Hailey.....☺
    Ruby ♥


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