Tuesday, March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Check In

Hi pals,

Like everyone else in the world, Canada is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a scary time for many people. There is so much uncertainty. We thought we should take the time to write what is up with us.

First, we are fine and healthy. The Man works for the Federal Government making sure people get paid the government retirement pension. So from Monday-Friday, he is working on the couch. 
The Lady works in human services with individuals with autism. She is now unemployed. She has a little bit of work to do that she has been dragging out forever to keep her busy and help her transition. Given that close contact is needed to deliver therapy, it is not safe for her teams to continue at this time. Financially our peeps will be fine. They can live on the Man's pay. Lady will qualify for a special Emergency Fund Benefit in April, so that will help. They also have an emergency fund and other savings if times get tough. Things will be tight, but they know they are better off than many. 

In Canada, in the past week or so we have really gone into isolation. Basically all non-essential services (think grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores as essential) are closed. So only take out restaurants, no bars, clubs, casinos, pools, community centres, schools, residences, day cares, libraries etc. etc. Everyone who can work at home (including our Prime Minister who is in quarantine as his wife has COVID) are. Lady says the benefit to everything being closed is there is no place to spend the money they don't have.

Lady estimates this will be our life for at least the next 2-3 months. The Man is our designated errand runner as being at home is harder for him than Lady. Lady said they are suggesting one person in the family be the one to go out to reduce contact.

In many ways, Lady is living her best life now. She has actually noted a huge decrease in her stress. She drinks less and swears less. Yes, our Lady has realized for her, her job is more stressful than a global pandemic . . . .This has her thinking that she needs to use some of this time to figure out how to reduce the stress in her normal life, because normal life is coming back eventually. Her biggest concern is her vanity. Lady would be completely grey if she didn't get her hair done every 6 weeks. She is going to have some terrible roots when this is over (and then she might just continue to isolate herself until she can get into her hair stylist!)

Lady is also very good at amusing herself. She is doing more exercise (she is complaining a little about how she hurts), she is walking us at least 2 times a day (don't worry, we live very remotely, we rarely see anyone and if we were to, it would be very easy to social distance, we could cross the road), she is reading lots, she is working on a puzzle, she has a huge list of cleaning/organizing projects to start once the last of her work is done. What is really exciting, is she is keeping up with all of you more! She is really enjoying having time to sit and enjoy your blogs.

As for us, we are liking having the peeps home all the time. The first few days Phod was clearly creeped out by it all. Lady could tell he was stressed. But now we are in the new routine. The only problem is sometimes, it is hard for Phod to know which person to be monitoring.

So that is how we are doing here. We don't want to make this another source of COVID news, but we thought we should just do one check in now, and perhaps some little updates as time goes by. It is a huge life altering event, and we can't ignore it all.

Stay health and sane friends!

Be kind to each other!

Together (yet apart), we've got this!


  1. Hi from locked down Scotland and thanks for telling us your news. We're pleased that your new regime is giving Lady time to recognise her job-related stresses and to think about how best to manage them. (She does such a valuable work). Bertie was already a bit confused at my new post-retirement routine, and now will be more confused by limitations on leaving the house announced last night. Apparently we are not supposed even to meet up with one friend and go for walk staying 2 m apart. This I shall find difficult, but I'm fully aware that, with a good sized house and small garden, an ability to be comfortable in my own company, and few financial worries or caring responsibilities other than Bertie, I am so much better off than many.
    That's all for now. Take care and stay in touch.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. hi from lockdon france... we hope it will not last for months, maybe may is may day and we can see some light... it is a challenge, yes, but we follow the rules and the law to protect us and all others... fortunately the weather is good, so we all can be in our gardens...

  3. Hari Om
    ...the system just ate my big comment. So suffice to say, am alive, am not in panic, and am sad I have to leave the Hutch tomorrow...

    Be safe. Be well. Behave. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Meanwhile the Great Orange Baby thinks we're all going back to normal in a few weeks. It took me a LONG time to figure our why you have all this snow and we don't. Believe me, I can understand why your job would be stressful. Glad you can go outside with your sweet dogs. Our Dilly-Dog definitely knows something is up with us.

  5. We're glad to hear you all are doing well. Our mom is our designated person to go shopping. Thanks for the update and we hope you all stay well.

  6. I can hardly type because of Cynthias great orange baby comment. laughing my head off, he truly did say last night maybe another week and we can go back to normal. really? I found out the same as you. when I retired from my job in 2006, my neck and back pain and headaches and stress levels went to normal in one weeks time.. this is the worst thing I have seen in my 75 years and is very scary. so happy you have enough with his pay to live... gray hair is not bad, mine is all gray. ha ha we are walking Big boy and keeping our distance and I am the designated errand runner for food which we have to have

  7. Glad to hear you're all doing ok. My dad is retired, so is always home. But my ghostwriter has gone back to work. That's because she's a nurse. I hope she doesn't catch anything from her patients or staff. We are trying not to think about it. Hopefully this craziness will pass soon.

  8. I'm glad that your have your pawrents home safe with you both! Momma is working from home too, which I DON'T like because she just sits at the dining room table so I have to lay under that. It's not nearly as comfy as the couch or even my crate. HMPH!

  9. Mom and I spend lots of alone time together all the time and the only time this gets to be a big deal now is when she heads to the grocery store. When she gets back the hand washing commences before she puts stuffs away and when she's done putting stuffs away and at least 2-3 more times within the next 5 minutes. This morning she HAD to go to the post office. She was the only customer in the building, thankfully, and again, the hand washing was nutty! Stay safe, guys!

  10. Things here for us and Mama are about the same. We had to cancel our Wheelie house trip(which sucks) and Mama and Daddy had to cancel all their May travels(we we are happy about..but they are not). Daddy is working from home 3 days a week(also good). We also realize we are very lucky to live in a remote area of California where there aren't any active cases of the virus(yet!).
    Stay safe and enjoy your Lady and Man time!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. Oh my Phod and Lee,
    Man and Lady have everything in order and are taking care of each other and you 2.
    Ummm interesting Lady has made a discovery about stress in her life. Maybe just maybe she can reinvent her work life after this is all said and done.

    We are good here taking one day at a time and hoping our on line order of TP will be waiting for us tomorrow at the bewitching hour of 2 pm.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Less stress...there is a silver lining. Sounds like your household is adjusting well to the new normal.

  13. You're right --- we've got this!!!
    Stay safe, friends!
    Cam and Mags

  14. We're glad to hear you all are weathering this okay...especially the Lady. We're doing the same here. We hope everyone stay safe and healthy.

  15. Locked down here as well, just hoping our "leader" doesn't move too fast with his plans. Mom decided this week to forego her occupational therapy appointments and just try to continue her exercises at home. Hopefully this will not cause a setback in her recovery:(

    All the best to you and the Man and the pups.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  16. We are from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. We have rules in place for a lot of things now. But our veterinary hospitals are still open for the little ones if they need us. We hope that everyone will listen to what they tell you to do and this will hopefully be over soon. Have a great day, keep busy, and stay safe during this time.
    World of Animals

  17. I bet now they have more time to play ball with you two.

  18. Oh, sounds like you guys have it figured out though. High paw. We are in a 'hot zone' here, butts Ma is keeping Gpa at home, and doin' all the errands for him, so he doesn't gets it. She already had the hand washing 87 times a day down, and the sanitizer thing, so it is already a habit for her, so she feels pretty safe going out for essential trips. though...can't find paper products to save her life! sigh.
    Ruby ♥

  19. Glad to hear your pawrents are healthy and will be fine economically. This whole terrible epidemic is messing up the world as we used to know it. Hopefully it will teach us all to destress and live a simpler life. Know we are thinking of you and sending oodles of pupster tail wags and digital hugs. Keep smiling and stay well.

  20. It sounds as if you will be okay. It is interesting to read about how much less stress the Lady is feeling. Life is crazy, isn't it?


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