Monday, December 30, 2019

Mischief Monday - Too Scary - by Lee

Dear pals,

The scariest thing happened here on Boxing Day. The Man, with Uncle Chris' help, decided to climb up the walls like evil squirrels to change some lightbulbs.

I was terrified, the Man who hates heights was terrified, Phod was so scared he went and hid by the front door not to watch.

I can't watch

The Lady found Uncle Chris and the Man very amusing during this. They had some very different opinions about ladder placement and such. Uncle Chris also made very helpful statements like "The ladder is too scary, you need a better ladder" (the ladder is new and perfectly safe). The Man and Uncle Chris did agree this was the stupidest idea for light fixtures (they were on the wall when the peeps bought the house).

In the end, 4/8 light bulbs that could be changed were. The Man did not feel comfortable climbing another rung to reach the top 2. The Lady said as long as there was not a trip to the hospital it was a success.

Cousin Emma being brave but being told to go away!
The Man hopes the lightbulbs burn a very, very long time! Lady is proud of him for overcoming his fear and doing what he could.


  1. Wow! Man is so brave. Both Gail and I got vertigo just looking at those photos. So please that Man made it safely back to ground level.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Bravo to the Man! Mom hates heights and no way could she do this. They make a basket type extension pole that grips the bulb to remove and replace for just this purpose. Mom has used one before and it works well.

  3. Hari OM
    OMD... I used to go up and down ladders for a living - some of them very long... but not as long as those!!! Man was indeed most couragous. At least you won't be wandering around in the dark. For a while. Hugs and wag,s YAM-aunty xxx

  4. i would never have let my hubby climb that ladder. I would do without the bulbs being lit. it looks new and very unsafe. my uncle at age 80 was on one like that, it slid out from under him, he rode it down and broke both wrists. my hubby was on one painting the top of the eaves to the house, it went over sideways and broke 5 ribs. it had to be a man that installed lights that high.. so glad no people or pets were harmed in replacing those bulbs. my heart is stil quivering

  5. Momma says NO THANKS! She's glad our house doesn't have as high of ceilings as her old house did. She doesn't have to risk her life to change the smoke detector batteries.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lee you lost me at LADDER.....WE ONLY USE STEP STOOLS HERE.
    My man is not allowed about 5'. Many moons ago while cleaning out the gutters Bcat was on the last 10' length (the part of the garage). Ladder was on the drive way and it had those feet that are SUPPOSE to keep it level. Well (I wasn't home and if I remember correctly, I had asked him to wait for me to be home)the ladder slipped he held on to the ladder while it slide down the garage. All this to save $45 to paying someone to do it. ~$2000.00 later, a broken HELLbow and very very sore muscles on his inner thigh ladders were no longer allowed.
    Hugs and I hope you got some of those light bulbs with a very long life span

  7. The Man is a much braver man than our Mama BOL!
    Appaws to your Man for getting the job done!

  8. Hooray for Man! That was a very brave thing. SHE can only get up about 3 rungs on a ladder, then it starts jiggling so much from HER trembling that it is very dangerous.

  9. We're glad the man survived the climb! :)

  10. Oh my goodness! My ghostwriter would be terrified to have to go up that ladder! Funny, she says she was never afraid of heights until she had children. Hopefully those new lights will last a long, long, long time!

  11. That does look like very scary work. We're glad there were no trips to the hospital either.

  12. We have exactly the same issue but we got a really really long pole with a lightbulb unscrewer (that's the technical name). It worked... but now it's time to put LED bulbs up there.... I don't know about that. The Man was very very brave!

  13. Holy cow! That is precisely why I bought a house with 8 ft. ceilings. Kudos to the Man for climbing waaaaay up there!

  14. So proud of the Man for getting that high up the ladder!! OUr dad would do that but not mom
    Mabel & Hilda


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