Saturday, January 14, 2017

Asian Adventure - Part One

I am going to write a brief series about our trip. Many of you guessed right on Tuesday, part of our trip was in Singapore. We took an Asian cruise that started in Hong Kong and ended in Singapore. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before we got on the ship, it had an engine problem and 4 of our ports had to be cancelled. In spite of this change (which is truly a first world problem) we had a wonderful time.

The travel time to Hong Kong for us was about 24 hours. We had to fly Ottawa to Toronto and then Toronto to Hong Kong. The flying time to Hong Kong was about 15 and a half hours. These were glorious hours because thanks to the generosity of my late Grandmother's estate we were able to upgrade to business class. We had "pods" that went to a full lay down position. Having done this length of flight in economy (and wanting to die), this was heaven!

We arrived in Hong Kong at 7 am and were fresh enough to spend the day sight seeing.

Here are just a few pictures from our 2 days in Hong Kong:

A deer fetus is apparently medicine

I am drawn to contrasts in architecture 

In the bamboo

For a big city Hong Kong was fairly clean. While we enjoyed our time there, it is not a city we feel we need to go back to. It feels a bit repetitive.

Next week I will share another port/places we visited.


  1. Seeing as I will never get to Hong Kong... I appreciate your sharing not only the photos, but also your perspective. These are very nice photos of you! I am glad you were able to upgrade to the Pods!

  2. Oh I bet you had a great time....hong kong is worth a trip, it's beautiful. the medecine looks interesting... but I rather stay with aspirine LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos. Strange seeing the historic buildings with the skyscrapers towering over them. Not sure about those poor little deer foetuses :-( Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  4. I have a member of my extended family that's an airline pilot for a foreign air carrier and lives in Hong Kong - I've seen his pictures and too enjoyed the mix in architecture styles and periods. I lived in London briefly after college, working for an American company (just a low level intern position) and remember seeing the parts of the city that had all "NEW" buildings and it was explained that was where they were bombed during WWII.

    Thanks for sharing your exciting trip!

  5. We love seeing photos and to read about your trip :)

  6. We love seeing the photos from your trip. Too bad about the engine trouble. We hope the staff made it up to you in other ways.

    Bring on some more, please:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Like others I will never get to take a trip like that. How great that you were able to upgrade your flight. I wouldn't be able to stand sitting in economy for that long.

  8. Having lived in the Far East myself for two years I really feel like I've "done" that part of the world. Things have changed in the 30+ years since I was there I'm sure but I don't care to go back. I love seeing new things and new places but my two years was more than enough for me. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Love the bamboo photo at the end. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures...........

  9. Fantastic 'fotos.' Thanks for sharing a part of the world to which I have not traveled. Hope you had a great visit.

  10. Wow! It looks really crowded! We got a bit stressed just peaking at the photos! Did you do the snow freak photo for F&E?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. DON'T let Frankie and Ernie's mum see the Snowfreak pictures. She might even get over her fear of flying to go there! Only been to the Hong Kong airport, never really wanted to see the city. So thanks for the photos.

  12. WE are so glad that you mentioned the different types of architecture ... OLD... Newer... and very Modern... can be seen in SEVERAL of the pictures... Curious Mix.
    OMD... there were SNOW FREAKS THERE??? That settles THAT... we are not going to HONG KONG... PHOOEY on that place...
    Ummmmm HAILEY... we see that Casey has asked... and WE think that it is a GRAND Idea... since you both have Met in the Furs.. and have Both suffered Loss recently... and you UNDERSTAND each other. SAY YESSSSS... PLEASE.

  13. OMD, what an exciting trip! Momma is all jelly.

  14. Crikey ..... that was just like being there. Thanks for sharing. We'll NEVER get there so it was good to hear about and see it through your eyes.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved all the pictures :) It is a striking mix of old and new for sure!


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