Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Phod Got So Snowy

On Wednesday, I shared a picture of my Snow Phod.  This is how he gets his face so snowy.

First you run really fast in the deep snow:

Then you dig around for chuck in it.

Then you lay in the snow and chew on chuck

Then you flip snowy chuck up and run back for more.

The result is snow face.


Hailey weighs in on the "Guys Day".

I missed the follow up discussions about this yesterday (Lady had to consult out of town for the day and took her computer, sigh) but I gather there is some discussion about if there should be a Guy's Day. I for one think the guys should go have a day. I love Phod, but if he is gone for a day, then I get all the love and don't have to share my toys. Sounds perfect to me! 


  1. We see Phod really loves the white stuff. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. EXCELLENT Chuck IT Tutorial... Zaphod

    Now Lee.... we think that we just may have an EYE OPENER fur YOU... WE ... Manly Men are thinkin that we are coming to YOUR place fur some of the FUN STUFFS on GUYZ Day/Night... so you won't be getting ALL the attention... Just the times we are all at other GUYZ venues... having a BLAST...

  3. Even in still photos we can see the JOY and how much fun he's having!

  4. are TOO CUTE!!!

    ...and Hailey, I am totally with you..let them take the boys for a day, that means I get Mama ALL TO MYSELF!!

  5. Hari OM
    Way to go Phod!!! (Hailey, don't fret, there is rumour of a gals get-out too... plenty of pampering involved there I suspect!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Nice snow play Phod!!!! I wish I had snow to play in..just once! I miss it...I haven't seen snow since I was a wee lass in Wisconsin! *sigh* do some snow zoomies for me huh?
    Hailey, I thinks the boys are insane to thinks they can have a good time without Sashys foodables and my margaritas...just sayin'! And, have you TRIED Whitley and Finley's Texas BBQ???? to DIE for!
    Anyhu, I thinks somethin' is a brewin'....wimmen haters beware....☺
    Ruby ♥

    1. Yeah, I are think we is gonna have to have a LADIES NIGHT.

  7. Wow, you do have a lot of snow! And Boy's Night is gonna rock!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Looks like some fun!

  9. Wow! I think you have more snow than we do!

  10. Phod you play in the snow much the same way Millie does.

  11. Phod, You and Shyla use a very similar technique for getting "snow face"!

  12. Crikey I wondered how you got that face. Now I know, aye??

  13. My 3 year old son was absolutely fascinated by these photos. He thinks its hilarious that dogs were "Stuck" in the snow. I tried to explain that they liked it but...

  14. There's nothing more fun than the build up to the snow face!

  15. That's a lovely demo Phod... but, we are not that hearty down here in Cali!

  16. Dear Phod,

    I would like to run with you in your snow. I am very good at it too, and if you were chasing a Ball (or Precious or Chuck) then I would be chasing you. I think I would like to come visit.



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