Thursday, February 27, 2014

Training Thursday - Loving Hailey

I love Hailey. She is a wonderful, delightful, beautiful, smart girl. However, if I am completely honest, loving her can be challenging some days, and has been more challenging the past few months. As I mentioned earlier, she has been playing deaf a lot. She has had some accidents in the house (and before Emma came to stay). I have been a little frustrated with her.

 I decided to look at the factors that were influencing my less then favourable feelings about my angel at times:

-I am always seeing her beside Phod, who is just an easier dog.

-The weather. It has been cold and snowy and really a terrible winter. The weather has limited the time we can spend outside safely. We are not getting enough exercise so this is influencing all our behaviour!

-Work has been crazy busy for me this year. Financially good, but emptying my tank by the end of the day and not giving me the time and energy my girl deserves.

For saying I am not perfect! 

What I am doing about this:

-Remember my dogs are each individuals with strengths and weaknesses - aka don't compare her to Phod

-Celebrate her angel qualities more often - she is pretty pawsome!

-While I can't totally change the weather (Man says we can't move to a warmer climate) I can make sure we maximize the nicer days and do more training inside when we can't (we have 4200 square feet, we have lots of room)

-More individual time. This is a big challenge for me because I always feel like I am depriving the other, but I am working to make sure Lee gets her own walk (an extra walk as in the morning I don't have time for 2 walks) a couple times a week. Phod can have his own chuck time, so both are happy. We have done this for 2 weeks and I think Lee is really enjoying it. More about that at another post.

-Working to making my work schedule more manageable - this will be a work in progress because no is not a word I am good at saying - but I am starting to create a plan to work only 4 days a week by the end of the year (maybe if I say it out loud enough I will be able to make that happen!)

These changes have started to make our relationship better. We had a wonderful snuggle on the couch last night!

Do you have have days/weeks/moments where loving your dog is harder?


  1. We think the long hard Winter must be a factor. It has been hard on you all. A snuggle together sounds good. Onwards and upwards. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. treadmill - reilly loves to walk on the treadmill even though we go for walks everyday....maybe you could tack hailey and phod to do the same - it is good exercise especially in your cold months.

  3. Dear Hailey's is Madi's lady here to say bravo for this post and for your solution!!
    Madi is our second cat...and oh dear me she is 360 degrees different front Milky-Way our first cat. Madi you thank her lucky stars MW came first 'cause he was paved the road to our hearts in gold.
    Every piece of furniture in this house was in the same place when MW lived here but he never ever thought of getting on them. I have heard for years cats are either tree dwellers (like high places) or bush dwellers (like being on the ground). Madi has a split personality she likes both. Within 4 months of living here Madi figured out she could jump on the back of the chair by the fireplace, jump over the floor lamp, onto the mantel, sashay to the other end of the mantel where she jumped up on top of out 8' secretary where she was found chewing on the finial. To solve that we had to move the chair to the middle of the room. Next she jumped from the banisters of our stairs to the top of the Grandfather clock...where she was found chewing on that finial. We were sure she was part beaver.
    Well solving this was harder we could not move the clock and she would not stop jumping up there so we covered it with a quilt which was secured with duct tape. FINALLY IT DAWNED ON ME SHE NEEDED A HIGH CAT TREE (MW NEVER HAD ONE). THANKFULLY NO MORE HIGH WIRE ACTS FOR HER. YES SHE WAS A CHALLENGE FROM DAY ONE.
    My husband says she is a perpetual teenage girl nothing is ever exactly like she wants it and she is quite verbal. Nearly 12 years later she SHE KEEPS US LAUGHING, HAS THE BEST PURR IN THE WORLD and we LOVE HER DEARLY. We too had to learn not to compare Madi with MW and like children all pets are different. Our first pet was a mighty mini Dachshund, Toto. You know about Doxies...stubborn, serious attitude and strong willed. We often say Madi is part Doxie
    I apologize for the long comment but I wanted to say BRAVO to you for loving Hailey for who she is.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. WE loved this post BECAUSE our momma struggles with many of the same issues wif us. When you have three dogs you have three different personalities that sometimes need three different solutions and like you mom is worn out at the end of the day AND our weather is so crappy we never get to go for our nice long walks anymore...thus crappy behavior at the end of the day.
    WHAT a good parent you are tho to take a step back and look at each behavior and try to find a solution.....clapclapclap!!!!
    stella rose

  5. Our mom likes to REMIND us of the two SHORT HAIR BROTHERS (actual Wombmates) that came BEFORE US... She says they didn't Look Alike... not even the same COLOR... and certainly didn't ACT alike... She says that they EACH brought their OWN Charm and Challenge into her life. THAT kept HER from being BORED... we THINK. Ernie and I (Frankie Furter) are TOTALLY different... in like 87 ways... We are EACH our own guyz.
    We KNOW that Lee and Phod are BOTH ♥Loved and THAT is all that really matters.

  6. hahaha Hailey, that's a good one. I know this moments, but it's just a moment :o) But a snuggle on the couch or a hug let me forget this moments.

  7. I sure do, having three dogs is hard, especially when one is an outstanding citizen and the others tend to act out more. I have been trying to make sure to give them all equal cuddle and play time, and the attitudes seem to be improving.

  8. You are doing the very best you can, and although I do not have dogs, any animal can be a challenge, especially a "needer" one. It seems like in my household when one sees the other getting more attention then *boom* they all start acting up. We try to make them all happy, and that is the best you can do.

  9. Winter can be really hard for me because I get just as stir crazy as the dogs but I try to make sure we have more playtime. I've also tried to make individual time for each of them, that really seems to perk their ears up!

  10. Just annoyances, but not loving harder. Hopefully, Mother Nature will get over her bad mood and let Spring in. It'll probably help everyone. Love that raspberry photo....priceless.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  11. Oh I have been a little shite for Mommy lately.. she nearly sent me to the dawgs home Bawahhwhahaha, Everywhere is such a mud bath, she can't run me legs off with the ball..So I am playing up at home..BOL.. A tired dog is a happy dog . When the weather gets better I will be a good girl, with all my will you Lee xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. And remember, she is doing the ONLY thing she knows to do: being a dog. So far mom says me and Stanley have been very easy to love. Even when we ate her leather gloves and era muffs. Well Stanley did those. Don't forget tomorrow we post the link to the TOP SECRET Pawty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Hi, I think we all have a hard time with long winters. I know that as the weather changes and she can get outside. Hang in there-we all have times where we have a hard time behaving.

  14. The weather is taking a toll on us too! We've had to get creative for all of our sanity!

  15. This was a wonderful post!!! I loved hearing your solutions to these problems as well!
    Good for you!!!
    ((husky hugz))
    frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

  16. Not really. There are days when I'm tired, or in a bad mood, or the weather is bad, and Nola hasn't had adequate exercise and training and she DIFFICULT, but I never find loving her any harder. I just have to step back from the situation a bit. She is a good dog. She's just very, very smart and very active, and when those needs aren't properly met she can be a handful. So long as I stay on top of it, we're good.

  17. No, we have had some bad health scares with them and we have come to love and laugh at everything they do, sometimes we even are the cause of a problem, but over all we love the snot outta them no matter what, cause we know their time with us is relatively short. Hey get the Man to build and indoor banked running track, that should slow her down a little. Oh Barharhar on the tongue pic

    The Mad Scot Peeps

  18. I do love them both but when it is -10 (deg. F) outside with a 20 mph wind and Millie has to sniff around for 10 minutes to pick her spot to pee I do get annoyed. If I didn't watch her she would just wander around the yard for who knows how long and when it is 11pm I just want her to get the job done and go back inside. Other than that they are fine. BTW Walter pees on command and very quickly.


  19. You're a pawesome parent.

    Aroo to you,

  20. Your trying and that is what is most important. Your a good mom and you want to do whats right and best for everyone,, and you care,,, and that says so much about you!

  21. It's brilliant that you are looking for solutions!

  22. I sometimes have a hard time with R, who is always "on", at high voltage and ready to go crazy. I agree with you that one of the best things is one-on-one time. When I can find the time to spend alone with R, playing training games or walking, he seems like his frantic insanity ratchets down a notch. So, I love to hear that you're making time for Lee alone. I think that can do wonders.

  23. Furkids definitely have a way of showing you when they aren't happy. For some reason Morgan likes to pee on fresh laundry when it's on the futon. When it's on the bed, he snuggles right into it. Needless to say, we don't put laundry on the futon anymore.

  24. Sounds like a great plan. It shows how much you care just by changing your routine to suit her better. There are so many people in the world who give up as soon as things getting a little difficult. I'm sure all is going to work out well xx


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