Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are we a match?

I was contacted by Sunny from Seer Interactive about doing a compatibility match with me and my pups. I have always thought astrology was fun (if naming a dog Gemini didn't give that away) so I jumped in to see what they had to say.

Here is the report:

There’s nothing that rivals the bond between a dog and a human. Much like our relationships with friends, family, and lovers, our connection with our furry loved ones can be impacted by our astrological influences. The astrological insights from some of the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics can help shed some light on the deck the Lady, Hailey, and Zaphod were handed from the stars.

The Lady, the human leader of the pack, is a Gemini. She is guided by her sharp mind and will stop at nothing to accomplish or learn whatever her mind is set on. There is tendency for the Lady to switch focus more quickly than other signs. This character trait is often the basis of Gemini’s reputation as “the twins” because it can seem like they are jumping from one mood to the next.

The stars can tell us a lot about our relationships with our four-legged family members, but one can always call a psychic to get more detailed understandings into the relationship with their pet(s). However, the stars still can help!

How do the signs of the Lady and her pets affect their relationship?

The Lady and Hailey
Capricorn dogs appreciate the finer things in life, whether it is the highest quality bones, the most extravagant collar, or a luxurious experience at the dog grooming salon. These often reserved dogs also know how to warm your heart with their specific breed’s attractive qualities. Being an earth sign, Capricorn canines are very set in their ways and can be stubborn.

With Hailey being a Capricorn, her relationship with the Lady is prone to some conflict, at times. The Gemini Lady can have a variety of interests and have no problem jumping from one project to something else, however, Hailey will want to spend her time on whatever is catching her interest.
This combination can cause many situations where the Lady will try to get Hailey to listen, but the stubborn Capricorn canine will ignore her and focus on whatever she finds most appealing at the moment.

The Lady and Zaphod
Dogs born under the sign of Aries are often the most lively and joyful of the signs. They love to play and be as active as possible. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, these dogs often want to be the leader of the pack.

Zaphod is a rescue, so it’s unknown what experiences he went through before joining the Lady’s pack. Previous owners who neglected him or abused him – and his time on the streets – certainly influence his innate tendencies. However, with the love in his new household, his astrological qualities will still shine through and keep Zaphod a playful and happy pup.

The Lady’s Gemini tendencies to switch gears quickly will not bother Zaphod and he’ll gladly play along – as long as he’s able to run around, play, and get attention. In addition to their Alpha Dog tendencies, Aries dogs are active and love to be the center of attention. With Zaphod being a rescue, he is very grateful to his new owners and will gladly forego his need to be “pack leader” to the Lady. These circumstances likely lead to a harmonious pairing for these two.

The Pack Together
Hailey will naturally be nervous of Zaphod’s characteristic energy and enthusiasm. She will want to focus on her favorite bone, or find the source of that curious smell – meanwhile, Zaphod is running around trying to get the Lady to play fetch with him.

As Capricorns age, these canines tend to let go of some of their stubborn and aloof tendencies. They will begin to embrace a more carefree attitude, almost as if they age backwards. For this reason, Hailey and Zaphod will likely bond more strongly as time goes on and play with each other more often. Zaphod will also slow down in his old age and can spend more time slowly appreciating each step with Hailey.

The Lady and Zaphod will naturally get along better, so Hailey will often get jealous and this could materialize with more detachment and anxiety. There will need to be extra attention given to Hailey in order for her to not feel left out. Compromising the Aries and Gemini flexibility at times and getting more on Hailey’s pace will help strengthen this trio’s bond.

This pet psychic compatibility reading was provided by our friends at Hollywood Psychics. Call a psychic if you’re interested in getting your own reading today, and finally figuring out what’s really going on inside your furry friend’s head.

Thanks Sunny, this was fun!
Us last winter


  1. Sounds like a good match all around.

  2. That is really interesting and we think it is very true. Spot on we say. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh that was interesting! I'm sure you will be the bestest trio :o) Mom and me are virgo's and dad is a lion ( a cat in the house lol) so I think it will be always interesting in my crib :o)

  4. THAT is FACINATING. Love it actually. WELL suited to each other.

  5. Good thing, your compatible!

    From all the reports of snow, we thought that was a current photo!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. What a fun idea!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Thanks for the reading, that was very interesting and thinking back on you post, it sure does apply!

    The Mad Scots

  8. I never thought of that. How does it work if you don't know when a dog was born? We know Harlow's birth date, but not Monty's.

    Monty and Harlow

  9. Hailey is such a little lady! I really think Kirby should have been born a capricorn! Lovely picture!:)

  10. Hey, our mom is a Gemini too! Are you going to the Queen of Hearts Dance tomorrow? Hope to see you there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. The Pack is an unstoppable force. See y'all at the dance.

    Aroo to you,


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