Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Last weekend, the Man put up some of his Halloween decorations. As we mentioned, it is his favourite holiday. Even though we live on a private road with like 6 houses and get no trick or treaters he still decorated. [He has been so busy he didn't get inside done this year].

Here we are inspecting:
"I think it should be a little more to the right."

"Phod, I think it meets our standards."
"I agree."

"The pumpkin should be moved back a little."

Is Halloween a big deal in your house?


  1. Oh what fun. Halloween is getting more of a big thing over here but still we are no way near as fun as you lot over the pond are. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow..those are paw some decorations....what a shame you don't get tricker treaters coming to visit. Maybe you should put a sign up at the beginning of your street to let people know . We don't do trick or treat's not something they celebrate is Australia where mom is from and she doesn't get what all the fuss is about

  3. I never seem to get around to decorating for the holidays, but my two nieces and sister are the queens of Halloween. They go all out like the Man.

  4. Your halloween decorations looks amazing! great job snoopervising guys:-)

  5. Cool scary drool. My MOM does not decorate any time of year.

  6. Oh I LOVE your decorations!!!! If we were in a "house" per se, it would be, but we are in a condo and no trick or treaters are permitted :( So I don't bother.

  7. Not like that, whew, your Dad put in some work there, ours are simple, we just gotta have like a truck load of treats and get our barkers in shape so we don't go horse!

    The Mad Scots

  8. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we LOVE your spooky Howl O Ween Decorations... THEY look SUPER SCARY.
    We don't get any Trick or Treaters EITHER... Our Hill is too far away fur them to want to come.

  9. Your man has very good taste in decorations!!!
    We no longer have any small children in our neighborhood.
    Hugs madi your bFFF

  10. That looks very spooky.

    Halloween is only taking off in Australia--because of American telly shows. People do not decorate, and only a few kids try their luck as most people don't have treats. The local Girl Guides give out maps to kids of places in the area who will have treats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Yep. Declawing is animal abuse! And people do it to their cats, because they are selfish, to cats!!!!

    Declawing is CUTTING OFF fingers!!!!! And it's not just the claw...... It's BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Not a big deal at our house. Actually we have ZERO decorations. Mom used to give out candy but ever since me and Stanley were born she and dad decided to stop. I don't know why since we like to scare all the kids who come to the door with out endless and excessive barking. Isn't that what they want?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Halloween isn't a big deal around here. We live too far off the road on a rural road and don't get any trick or treaters. Nobody would see our decorations either. We do decorate inside for Christmas though.

    Millie & Walter

  14. I understand what you trying to tell me about declawing. But I feel that declawing needs to stop now. I KNOW what it REALLY is and I know what goes on when you declaw a cat. I know that your cats are declawed; and you might like it, or maybe you don't. I am not trying to start a fight with anyone who likes declawing or who has a declawed cat or whatever. The only thing I am trying to stop is declawing. I do not understand why people do it. I also have no idea why it is still happening. I think declawing needs to stop, before we stop animal abuse and what not. But I also support other people's opinions, as well as mine.

  15. Cool. Our friend gets nutty with decorations too

  16. Very cool! Great decorations. As for our house, we've never had a trick-or-treater in 15 years. It's too rural. Plus, Shyla is TERRIFIED of costumes (and she'd be paralyzed by fear if she saw your decorations). Now that she's making progress on most of everyday life, we might start working on the weird stuff, like costumes!

  17. We do go a little nutso on Halloween around here - we get lots of kids and Mom SAYS (ha) she decorates for THEM but I know she decorates for HER (and me too). Anyway, Mom's decorating our front porch today but we don't have NEARLY the way cool stuff your Dad does!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  18. Very nice and spooky. We too live out in the country but mom doesn't even decorate for Halloween.

    Aroo to you,

  19. Wow I have never seen decorations like that before!!

  20. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Those look kind of fun! Can you chew any of them! Oh, wait, Cobi says they're scary. (She's going BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK at that tall funny person with the red eyes.) Hush Cobi, you are such a scardy-dog! Not me! I am Ojo, very brave! And... wait...what is wrong with that pumpkin??? Eeek!!


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