Monday, November 14, 2011

Personal Goal - Think about food more.

 I love food. I love to eat. This is something I inherited from my mom's side of the family. It is actually rather impressive the amount of food I can consume in a day (thank you Poppa!). I also have a wicked sweet tooth (thanks to my dad's side of the family too!). However,  unlike most people who love eating, I hate cooking. Several times a week my husband is out and I am forced to feed myself.  I have some simple staples I will make. The reality is that without a cook, I would probably starve.

One thing I have learned is that I don't think a lot about what I am putting in my own body, so it is really no surprise that I don't really think about what my pets are eating. My basic strategy is to do what the vets says, watch their weight and limit treats. However, from reading other blogs, I have realized that I need to be thinking more about what they eat. This is the problem with following other people's blogs, sometimes it gives you dog owner guilt! 

So my new goal is to start researching food. I see that Liz from the Ottawa Dog Blog makes all her own dog food. I don't think this is a good option for me. I think one should be able to feed oneself before they feed their dog! I have seen lots of posts about raw diet vs prepackaged foods and posts on what prepackaged foods are better. So I need to go back and look and figure out what my cats and dog should be having.

Hailey says she is all for this as long as I don't take her Greenies away. When presented with a Kong filled with peanut butter and treats and a Greenie, the Greenie always wins! 

Loki and his pizza. Loki LOVED pizza. In the last month of his life, we got him his very own pizza. He had no idea what to do with it. We had to cut it up for him. I know this is NOT a good example of how to feed your pet, but perhaps when you know their death is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it, you might as well let them have what they love. 


  1. His very own pizza!!! Too funny. Lucky guy.

    We feed Barley a raw diet, and he does great on it. It allows us to feed him tons of treats while training, etc. And another GREAT perk? He poos once a day and it's small and super hard! (I know, TMI..!)

    Just another option to ponder I guess! I must admit though... feeding Barley blocks of raw chicken (it's mixed with veggies) totally grosses me out!

  2. I've thought about going on a raw diet before but after doing more research and listening to some of the speakers at vet school I decided against it.

    If your dog eats a raw diet he/she can apparently shed salmonella from their fur, and since we want to get Halladay in as a therapy dog, a raw diet is not recommended as that shedding of salmonella can harm people who have compromised immune systems.

    Just something to consider!

    There was a post on the Ottawa Dog Blog from someone who fed their dogs banana/fish/veggies/etc. That's the route I will probably go.


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