Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My house at 2 am

I had to do this crazy thing and get up around 2 to do a Skype consult with my client on the other side of the world. Normally we meet in the evening there time (our morning, but due to some special circumstances it was important to talk in the middle of their day, our night. To cause the least amount of disruption to my sleeping hubby I did the call in the living room and not my office. This is what I expected would happen:

This is more like what did happen.

Sorry for the stock photo but I wasn't up to new pictures at 2 am.

They were all so busy and loud. Apparently it sounded like I was eating. I had to keep muting my side of the conversation. I couldn't believe it.

Now that it is a reasonable time to get up they are all sleeping like angels. AHHHHH!

It may be a long day today, but at least when I went back to sleep so did all of them!


  1. Is that Hailey humping Nin!? Lol
    They always pick the worst times to play
    Poor you! Silly kids.

  2. Yes that is. Baggy would kill her if she tried it with him!


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