Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 1

I must say the car ride to the lake was much better than anticipated. For the most part Hailey just sat in the middle of the back seat. It actually felt more spacious then I had imagined (remember I have flown economy to Indonesia, so I know cramped!)

Just hanging with my Aunt C

Hailey did not enjoy her time with her Great Grandmother. She found the apartment boring. She kept asking to go out, and she had to bark at my Grandmother's china pig. She thinks it is alive for some reason.

Are we there yet?

As soon as we got to the top of the hill to come down to the Lake, Lee knew where she was (she has been her 2 times before). She was so excited. Then for the next 6 hours, the 3 puppies played. Then people tried to go to sleep and Miss Lee was up and down and around all night. She managed to basically keep the whole house up all night. I am not sure which two, but in the night often 2 of the 3 dogs were in my bed. My parents report Lee joining them as well. We have all voted that 3 dogs will be wearing socks tonight so we don't have to listen to the little footsteps on the hardwood.

This morning we are all back in play mode. Action pictures of all the puppy play to follow later today (once my camera has charged).  We are all hopeful for a nap this afternoon. The puppies are thrilled but the people all could use some more sleep!

Max checking Lee out


  1. Halladay barked at a snowman yesterday. Durrr. He would probably do the same thing with that pig, lol.

  2. We even showed her the pig and she still hated it! Dogs are so silly. I wonder what Lee would think of a snowman.


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