Tuesday, October 25, 2022

A Solution To Our Mouse Problem?

Last weekend, our 10 year old neighbour M found 2, tiny kittens in the woods by her house. M has been trying to catch kittens for years.  These kittens were so little they only opened their eyes the second day they had them.


Meet Cinder and Ash

The problem is Milo has decided he hates the kittens.

Milo and Callie checking out the kittens

They are also a lot of work, as they are not litter trained and need to be feed a lot. It is hard for a family with 3 kids, who both work and have a dog and a kitten to do. 

This made Lady laugh a lot

As it was so nice out on the weekend, some of us took ourselves over to the neighbours. While there, we discussed the kittens and the neighbours (who are looking for an excellent home) asked if we wanted them. In a very safe manner, we introduced the smallest of the 2, Ash to Hailey.

Her instinct was to try and eat it.  She tried several times. So that is a no for us. The kittens are so little, they wouldn't even fight back. 

An aunt, who loves cats may take them.  We wish Cinder and Ash the best. Lady is a bit sad she can't have them, but couldn't live with herself if Lee ate one. 

Editor's Note: If you are wondering what Phod thought of the kittens, we have no idea. He had taken himself for a walk and was inspecting the sandpit the neighbours have and completely missed the kittens. 


  1. we wish cinder and ash the best and a loving home...

  2. I do hope they find a wonderful home for these sweet little ones.

  3. I understand your decision; we have had the same issue, with high prey drive.

  4. Hari OM
    I love the names and pray the kitties find furever homes - I know everyone will give it their best shot! Lee and Phod - narrow escape, chums! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. We have our paws crossed that those two little ones find a great home together.

  6. Here's hoping Ash and Cinder, purrfect names, love their new home. Good good and TLC will have them being great mousers. I'm sorry Lee was not a fan of them...I bet had she been introduced as a wee pup she would have been a surrogate mom
    Hugs cecilia

  7. So I read the title to this blog post and assumed you had bought me a plane ticket to Canada.
    So disappointed now.

  8. I hope the kittens can find a good home.

  9. We hope the two cuties can find a wonderful home.

  10. What cuties Cinder and Ash are! Too bad they are so tiny! Babies are such a handful when they are small. And too bad they can't help your mouses problems. Us cats here look at mice (and Moles and Voles and shrews) as snax! Our neighbors Mr & Mrs D and Mr and Mrs F love that we hunt in their yards too. We hope Cinder and Ash find the purrfect forever home!


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