Monday, April 26, 2021

Mischief Monday - This and That

Last week we mentioned Lady was going to have to be dealing with checkpoints. Well they lasted one day. Turns out it is more dangerous to leave people trapped in their cars on a bridge for hours, especially when many are medical staff (like ICU nurses) and there is a pandemic, and they show up for work hours late and only 31 of 100 000 cars were asked to turn around. There will be spot checks. So that was only a disaster one day. It would not have been sustainable for Lady.

Phod had a sore shoulder for a few days. Rest and pain meds helped, and the pain meds upset his stomach.

It was super icy on Thursday and Lady had her most dangerous drive in all winter. They didn't have the salt trucks out. 

Man was able to get an AstraZeneca jab and had enough side effects the next day to spend it in bed.

The day he got his vaccine, our peeps went out for dinner. By out we mean they drove the 30 minutes to the take out pizza place, then found a nice place near the water to sit and eat in the car. For some reason they didn't trust you and the garbage was left like this:

Oh and because one can't get into a vet here, using text, Lee has been diagnosed with a skin tag.

So really just a normal week here in Paradise! 


  1. hugs and lots of potp to you all... and lots of good things what please shall knock on your door now...

  2. Wow, life is tough right now, but with a few high points, like the vaccine and pizza! Feel better, Phod and Lee.

  3. Holy guacamole...that was a week from he$$. Maybe all the weird stuff happened last week and this will be easy peasy. I'm glad the man got jabbed but sorry he had to spend the day in bed.
    I cracked up at the trash can. OMDs I bet you wish you knew how to counter surf.
    Hugs you two pups...Phod I hope your shoulder is better Lee we'll call that a beauty mark.

  4. oh my word, so glad they did the sensible thing and stopped the checkpoints. can you believe the thing here that people are fussing about and saying things about our govt being a tyrant, is the Simple Wearing of a Mask. my own sister in law was ranting today because her 14 and 16 year old grandkids hate to wear a mask and the tyrants are keeping them from being happy and stores are wrong to say they can't go in without one. again I say OH MY WORD... maybe i should send the family over to visit in your country.... so sorry about Phod and his tummy, and glad the tag is a tag and not something worse. tht icy road is scary. stay safe

  5. Glad to hear the checkpoints are gone. Hope the dogs are feeling better. Good news on the vaccines. Dog Mom and Dad both have had first shots. Will be done next month.

  6. We're glad to hear the powers that be came to their senses about those check points. We had some snowy weather last week but the roads didn't freeze up. Sorry to hear Phod wasn't feeling well. We have our paws crossed for him.

  7. Well that was quite an eventful week. Good that it invloved pizza for the humans. Did they save you any crusts?

  8. We sure hope this week goes better for you! I have a couple of skin tags too, Hailey. They whigged my mom out the first time she discovered one on me too.

  9. So, a week from hell!!! We are sorry for ALL of it and sincerely hope this week goes more smoothly. At least you made us smile over that trash can:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Hubby and I got Moderna. Hubby on second part had spend day in bed.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  11. Well, that sounds like freaky week! Glads the roadblocks are gone, at least they put the kibosh on them fast! Ice is the super scary! I am glads you are safe. Ma gets her second shot next week ~ she had no side effects on the furst one, butts is not counting on being so lucky on the second dose! BOL!
    Nows Ma is hungry for pizza.....
    Ruby ♥

  12. Sorry you still have some cold, icy weather. We're hoping that winter's all done with us here in WNY. Hang in there and stay safe!

  13. We heard about the checkpoints way out here...let's hope things for those who have to travel get better. We love that the garbage is on the table!


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