Friday, May 29, 2020

Nature Friday - A Miracle - with FFF

Using this image we will join Aunty Yam's FFF.
The rules are to write something about an image of our own. 

While the world turns in a unique way,
2 daffodils grow at the base of my tree.
The give me hope, that we will be ok,
as after 7 years underground they have returned, 
bright and yellow and full of life. 
Just like how we can emerge from our own isolation. 

The first fall we lived in our house, back when I thought I might like gardening (I do not), I planted some bulbs. I don't think they have ever come up. However, this year, 2 daffodils showed up at the base of a tree. It feels like a sign from the universe that things will be ok!

Speaking of nature, it seems Mother Nature really wants us to stay inside. The black flies are the worst they have been. In 2 minutes of not moving, there can be 50 swarming around one person. Nothing, I repeat nothing seems to keep them away. If anyone has ideas, please let us know because our outside time is limited due to their biting! (They hurt for such little things).

Thanks to Rosy and the Boyz for hosting this. 


  1. Hari OM
    ...full boddy armour??? Seriously, though, I love this poem and it is a perfect post for FFF!!! YAM xx

  2. Love your poem and the daffodils! Ben's works pretty well for us.

  3. love it...and we hope it will happen this way ;O)

  4. I have not heard of the black flies, i searched and found they are common in Canada, and the photos i saw scared me silly... ouch! one place said 7 ways to repel them. i am off to read this link to find out what you are dealing with..

  5. Those daffodils are sure a good reason for hope for better times. (Maybe the deer or squirrels ate your other types of bulbs?)

    Sorry to hear about those black flies.

  6. What a wonderful poem and lovely daffodils!

    We would be staying inside, black flies are the worst!

  7. I've heard vanilla extract soaked on a paper towel works on blackflies. I think lavender essential oil would also work. What a beautiful message the daffodils sent this year.

  8. That's a lovely story abut the daffodils finally appearing.
    You black flies sound like they are as much of a nuisance as our Highland midges. With the midges, they favour certain conditions (low light levels, low wind speed, high humidity) and the only solutions are (1) to go out when it's windy, dry and sunny or (2) as Yam suggests, full body armour. Best of luck!
    Cheers, Gail.

  9. The black flies are upsetting! Yikes! We hate those guys. Mom hopes we will look as fabulous as those daffodils when we emerge from lockdown. By that time, she may need to chop off her head because of her out-of-control-hair.

    Love and licks,

  10. Ugh. Those flies sound miserable! But the daffodils are pretty.

  11. How great that those daffodils decided to show up this year. We're lucky that we don't have black flies so we don't have any suggestions to help you.

  12. I love the daffodil story :) Survivors.


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